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MultiVersus Announces It’s Just Going to the Store For Some Cigarettes, Will Be Right Back, Everything’s Fine

LOS ANGELES Warner Bros’ cross platform free-to-play fighting game MultiVersus announced today that it’s just shutting its servers down to go get some cigarettes, and that everything’s totally cool. 

“Oh, that’s reassuring,” said Dave Carter, who’s been playing the game since its initial release and spent 100 dollars on its Premium Founder’s Pack. “They were always pretty secretive about the fact that it was in an open beta, especially when they were selling battle passes and such, so I was obviously concerned at first. But to hear that the entire team just needs to go out for smokes and will be right back with our money, well, feels good. I’ll see ‘em when they get back.” 

Other gamers didn’t share Carter’s optimism. 

“That game ain’t comin’ back,” said Jayden Martin, a forlorn 17-year-old former Rainbow Six Vegas 2 player that saw its online servers abruptly disappear two years ago. “I understand being in denial about it, but the best thing for them to do here is just accept reality and try to find some new game that will do in its place. It won’t ever be the same as it was, but that’s fine. Maybe you’ll find some new game that actually loves you more. Or not, fuck, I don’t know.” 

Executives from MultiVersus confirmed that they’d be back in six months, and they’ll have changed, you guys will see. 

“We’re just really, really burned out,” said Tony Huynh, director of MultiVersus. “And look, none of this is the players’ fault. Sometimes games just need a break. We have been under such pressure, and we just all have to take a walk around the block and just like… you know? I know we did a poor job messaging this, and honestly, we feel like shit about that. Seriously. We probably feel worse about it than you guys do, you know?”

As of press time, MultiVersus promised to have something nice for you when it came back.