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Guy Yelling About Snyder Cut Coming to MultiVersus

BURBANK, Calif. — Player First Games has revealed another fighter that will join the MultiVersus roster in the coming months: an irate man screaming about the Snyder Cut of Justice League

“When we open up the vault and look at all the iconic Warner Bros characters from over the years that would lend themselves to a violent fighting game, one person kept coming up in every meeting,” said Harold Grotsch, a lead designer with Player First Games. “The mob of people that wouldn’t stand down until they got the preferred cut of Justice League released. I don’t even think the Tasmanian Devil gets as angry as those guys were!” 

Guys that had formerly yelled a lot about the Snyder Cut reacted positively to the news, surprising many close to them. 

“This is actually pretty great,” said Grant Thornhill, a guy that was angry about the Snyder Cut for a good couple of years there. “I spent a long time really going hard for that cut of that movie, and frankly, I’ve been a little rudderless lately. It’ll be nice to find some flaws in the moveset they give us, or what class they make us. Shit like that. Oh yeah, that’ll be real nice.” 

“It doesn’t matter if the Snyder Cut lived up to my expectations or not by the way,” he added, unprompted. “That wasn’t even the point of it.” 

The Guy Yelling About the Snyder Cut will reportedly be coming to MultiVersus this winter. Possibly sooner if we all play our cards right here.

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