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Mobile Game Ads Clearly Building Cinematic Universe

A series of advertisements for otherwise unconnected mobile video games seem to be teasing an interlocked cinematic universe, observant sources report.

In one ad for popular puzzle game Royal Match, an unnamed character played by actor Red Martin says, “The graphics are beautiful, you don’t need wifi, and best of all? It’s the perfect game to play while crushing a bit of candy,” an alleged reference to blockbuster mobile game Candy Crush. Martin then raises his eyebrows and smirks while an orchestral swell coincides with a cut to black.

Clash Royale, a real-time strategy mobile game, recently ended an ad with a character appearance from Total War: Pharaoh, the most recent title in a separate real-time strategy mobile franchise.

As the Prince, a computer-animated Clash Royale character, finishes a direct call to action, footstep sound effects are heard. The Prince turns around and sees Tausret, a diplomacy-focused TW:P character. “Good evening, Prince,” says Tausret. “I’m here to talk to you about the Unlimited Data Initiative.” The ad concludes with an orchestral swell and cut to black.

Pop culture critic Dana Lawrence calls this kind of cross-title universe-building “unprecedented” in the world of mobile gaming.

“We tend to view games on our phones as personal ways to pass the time,” said Lawrence. “For these different studios to band together and offer connection could revolutionize the industry. Or, it could alienate casual players who don’t want to keep up with continuity.

“No matter how phone users feel,” added Lawrence, “they’ll have to get used to it, because these ads are going to show up on every single app 20 times a day no matter what.”

At press time, no mobile gaming insiders could explain whether the ‘X’ icon is a part of the ad designed to trick you or an actual button that will stop the ad successfully.

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