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Microsoft to Bring Gears of War to Intellivision Amico

REDMOND, Wash. — As reports of Microsoft potentially bringing games like Hi-Fi Rush and Sea of Thieves to other platforms swirl, it seems like one of their flagship franchises is also headed elsewhere as sources say the Gears of War series will be ported to the Intellivision Amico.

Intellivision president Tommy Tallarico explained more about the partnership in a press release.

“Microsoft and I have had a wonderful relationship ever since I worked on the original Gears of War trilogy creating music and the Lancer sound effects, so for the games to come to Intellivision Amico is really a full circle moment for me,” said Tallarico. “I have the same feeling with this as I did when I summited Everest without an oxygen tank for the third time.”

Tallarico sees this partnership as the next evolution in the Xbox brand.

“I’ve worked on more games than anyone in history, so I know a thing or two about the follies of the industry. It’s just like I said in one of my episodes of MTV Cribs: when everybody plays, we all win. From a business standpoint it just makes sense for Microsoft due to the sheer number of non-gamer, family friendly, budget smartphone-like retro console gamers out there that will be playing the Amico.”

Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer said he’s not concerned that the Amico still has no release date.

“If I was scared of the word ‘eventually’ I wouldn’t be the head of Xbox. That’s our bread and butter and why we think this partnership makes so much sense,” said Spencer. “Tallarico showed me some truly incredible financial projections. I can’t wait!”

Industry experts were split on whether or not consumers would benefit from the deal.

“On one hand, the console was supposed to be family friendly and this game is anything but that,” said Daniel Hank, a professor of consumer electronics at UCLA. “But on the other hand, I pre-ordered the Amico and don’t want to say anything that will make it less likely to show up. Can you remove me from this article?”

At press time, Tallarico was drafting a press release to celebrate the thousands of active Gears of War players on the Amico.

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