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Mega Man Battle Network Collection Released Exclusively for PC

OSAKA, Japan — Enthusiasts of the Mega Man: Battle Network series celebrated as one astute fan stumbled upon the full 6-game collection online this morning released in a bold move exclusively for PC and Mac.

“Uh yeah, I really can’t believe it’s finally here. It’s so uhh, cool of Capcom to finally come through. Completely of their own volition and with their knowledge,” said Evan Morgan, the observant Battle Network fan who came across the surprisingly quiet release. “And on uTorrent of all places? That’s such a bold move. It’s uhhh, it’s probably like… a reference to the Undernet! Yeah that’s it, it’s an in-joke. Like there’s a dark version of the internet in the games where people plot, cheat and stea— uhm, I mean, find legitimate versions of classic mid-aughts JRPGs. Cool stuff.”

Curt Lobb, die-hard fan and N1GP Discord moderator, seemed uncharacteristically nervous when approached for comment on the news.

“I know I speak for all of my fellow .EXE-heads when I say we are shocked and appalled that anyone would even dream of saying that this release was both a) illegitimate or b) had absolutely anything to do with the community,” he shakily protested with no provocation. After reminding him that the release’s legitimacy had not come into question, and consenting to a wire pat-down, Lobb said, “Oh! Yeah, no, sorry about that. It’s just been a big day for us. We’re all very excited about this release, and it’s got us feeling like our Navi Customizers have a few pink program blocks touching other pink program blocks, if you know what I mean.”

At press time, Capcom both casually confirmed their involvement with the release and shared their plans for the future of the franchise. “End of the day, we’re just glad that the emails are finally going to stop. Go nuts, everybody. Maybe you’ll get a pachinko machine in five years if you’re good. You’re never getting another one.”

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