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MediHealth Unveils New Black and Red Catheters for Gamers

BURBANK, Calif. — Medical supply manufacturer MediHealth has partnered with Razer to expand their line of products to cater to video game fans with a brand new line of black and red catheters for serious gamers. Called the Razer Kraken C4TH3T3R, the urinary assistant has already taken the market by storm.

“Finally! There’s a tool to insert into my urethra to drain my bladder or urine that’s sleek and optimized for gamers!” said customer Brian Bagenstock. “My gaming space is finally complete with my custom keyboard, dual monitors, and clean black and red urethral tube. I opted for the custom engraved one, so my gamertag is written down the side of the drainage end.” streaming personality Ludwig Ahgren reportedly signed an exclusive sponsorship deal to use MediHealth C4TH3T3Rs for the future of his career.

“When I’m on a huge killstreak while streaming, I don’t have time to leave and go to the bathroom,” Ahgren said. “It’s nice to be able to slowly but steadily empty my bladder into a Razer-brand plastic IV without ever having to leave my streaming space. Now I don’t have to pause my stream to take lengthy bathroom breaks, but rather the chat can just see my uncomfortable, wincing expression as I continue to play Pokemon without interruption.”

MediHealth CEO Michael Townsend commented on the expansion into the video game market.

“Gamers will buy anything that’s red and black and marketed toward them,” Townsend said. “Paint a chair with gamer colors, call it a gaming chair, sell it for twice the price. Same thing applies to medical health supplies.”

At press time, MediHealth reportedly was beginning testing on a new RBG-light dialysis machine for elite gamers with failing kidneys.

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