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Maxed Out Character Returns to Starting Area, Donates Basketball Court

BROMODOSIS FOOTHILLS – Maxed out character, Brolicmfer graced his starting area with his presence and the surprise donation of a fenced-off, double-rimmed basketball court that no one really asked for, sources confirmed.

“This is where it all started for me. First mob. First piece of horrible common loot. First skipped quest dialog. I was just like them but better,” Brolicmfer said while repeatedly sheathing and unsheathing his epic mace from his epic belt on his epic mount in front of new characters, going about their journeys. “It wasn’t enough to just come back. That doesn’t do anything for them. They get a little show they’ll tell their kids one day but how does that truly help them? It’s a responsibility to share the vast knowledge I learned exploring the great beyond. Be the change you want to see.”

Sources say the basketball court has yet to see any activity other than getting a satanic ritual involving a chicken jumpstarted at half-court.

“Why was this built?” says one unnamed source trying to level, adding the court was located between the spawn point of new characters and the mobs, forcing many to walk around it. Some have spoken out that they couldn’t even use it if they wanted to as they don’t have a concept of what a basketball actually is.

We caught up with one determined character trying to throw a rabbit through the hoop but it went in and out and they eventually gave up.

“I’m thinking of sticking around, really planting my roots. It feels good to give back and be the big bro for this starting zone. It’s easy to get lost out there, so many maxed out characters who just don’t care,” Brolicmfer said, adding he’s in the early stages of hosting and being the sole participant in a dunk contest as his next generous contribution to the community.

Off the record, Brolicmfer said he hopes he can do enough for Bromodosis Foothills that one day they’ll recognize him and consider changing their name to Brolicmfer Foothills. As of press time representatives from the starting area refused to acknowledge the idea or comment.