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Max Rebo’s Band Announces Coachella Reunion

The famed Max Rebo Band announced via social media today the group will finally reunite for a headlining set at Coachella music festival this April.

According to the announcement the band is getting back together for one show only after years apart following the tragedy at Jabba’s Palace (4ABY).

“I know our fans will be happy to hear we’re finally back together again,” said the Ortolan himself, Max Rebo. “After some pretty traumatic events it’s been really hard. Once you see multiple men fall into a sarlaac pit doomed to be digested for a thousand years it’s hard to think about music.”

Rebo went on to talk about his hesitancy to do another big gig and fear of a similar situation happening again. This hasn’t been the only hangup however, as the band almost didn’t agree to perform at this year’s Coachella due to personal disagreements with the event’s owner.

“I didn’t want to support that bigoted bastard that runs the festival!” said gay icon Droopy McCool. “I didn’t feel comfortable performing for someone who doesn’t respect the LGBTQ community, but when I heard how much they were paying us I couldn’t say no. You wouldn’t believe rent prices on Coruscant these days.”

According to reports The Max Rebo Band is set to take the stage on the same night as 90’s legendary ska group, No Doubt. But due to well-known tension between the two groups they will be taking place on opposite main stages to eliminate the risk of interaction, sources confirmed.

After Rebo and No Doubt lead singer Gwen Stefani’s well publicized broken engagement, she left the group and refused to play the infamous Jabba’s palace gig.

Stefani was unavailable for comment however has recently confirmed that the song “Don’t Speak” is in fact about her relationship with Max Rebo.

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