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Regional Creation Myth Sure References B Button a Lot

HYRULE — A research team doing fieldwork in the forests of eastern Hyrule was thrilled to discover the legend of the B button, a strange motif central to the region’s founding legends.

“I was examining several individual artifacts from the village dig site when it hit me — it’s a puzzle! I love puzzles. When we put the all pieces together, we realized the engravings were actually letters,” said Head Researcher Josha. “So far our translators have identified the ancient Hylian terms for ‘thrust,’ ‘attack,’ ‘target,’ and of course, ‘B button.’ We believe the meaning of the ‘B button’ will be the key to understanding this ancient people’s cosmogony.”

Following the discovery of several additional texts, historian Wortsworth developed a working theory of the villagers’ mythos. 

“These people were obsessed with fighting and pillaging. They appear to have performed rituals such as smashing pots and destroying signs. They even cut their grass with swords! I suspect this ‘B button’ character is some sort of angry god, or perhaps a reference to their warrior ancestors’ advanced fighting techniques.”

Although the research team was unable to find any specific clues to the B button’s purpose, Josha remains optimistic. “The sign puzzles aren’t usually that hard, but they’re pretty satisfying to do. I solved a tricky one and I got so excited, I swung my stylus horizontally and broke the pieces apart. Oops!”

At press time, Josha’s team had just announced that they discovered another wrinkle to the B button legend, this one focusing on something called an L trigger.