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Gamer Completes Tears of the Kingdom “Time To Finish It, I Guess”% Run

Local gamer and speedrunner Peter Grantson claimed the world record earlier this week for the ‘Time To Finish It, I Guess’% run in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom with a record-shattering completion time of 215 hours.

“My hands are still shaking, this is insane,” said Grantson, taking the top of the leaderboard for the category on “I was about 160 hours in when I thought to myself ‘…This could be the run’. It was like getting hit with a bolt of lightning, and it made the next 55 hours of gently meandering around Hyrule incredibly stressful.”

The leaderboard for ‘Time To Finish It, I Guess’% has been a battlefield recently, as people are finally getting around to finishing Tears of the Kingdom after months of playing. The previous record for the run was 600 hours held by Carlie Merrick, who claimed she could have shaved 18 hours off the run if she didn’t watch Ted Lasso while playing.

“It was a legendary run timewise,” said Tim “xzelda2003x” MacGregor, who was watching Grantson’ livestream of his run during the exciting conclusion. “I never thought they would do it, but they pulled off an amazing frame-perfect tech at the end to skip 2 Sage’s Wills, 65 caves, some stable pictures, the sand shoes, the Zonai paraglider fabric, 6 Lightroots, that one big horse, Tarry Town, half of Addison’s signs, Autobuild, and 700 Koroks. That’s never been done!”

Grantson is currently practicing for a ‘Try To Maybe Get All The Shrines’% run, and is aiming for a first place time of sub-2 years.

UPDATE: Earlier today, Grantson lost the ‘Time To Finish It, I Guess’% record to Joseph Connors, who didn’t realize what was happening at first until suddenly he was fighting the final boss, and was too invested to turn around.