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Knights of the Old Republic Remake to Appear as Force Ghost In Future Star Wars Games

KARLSTAD – As conflicting reports circulate of the ‘Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic’ remake feeling a cold Embracer death, plans are in place for the game to still find its way in the hands of fans.

“The ‘KOTOR’ remake will eventually make its way to store shelves, just in the form of an appearance as a Force Ghost in other games,” revealed Mike James, an executive at Embracer Group. “At the end of our next Star Wars project, the protagonist will look to the sky and see a vision of the great Jedi players who would have been if the game had been released. It serves as closure for anyone who was a fan leading up to these events, or just anyone forcing themselves to play a David Cage game.”

Embracer’s plans for the remake are sure to ease the fears of everyone involved, especially those at Disney.

“We should have never given the Star Wars license to those white slavers,” said Rich Lucas, no relation. “We were on board, Sony was on board, then they just told us the deal was being altered. Remaking a game is as easy as writing that it was Palpatine again and they’re still tripping over their shoes. Embracer’s just giving up their will to live and killing our beloved franchise in the process. They’ve definitely gone too far in a few places,” continued Rich, until realizing that this was all on the record. “May the force be with these wonderful Star Wars products!”

Though the two companies prepared for the worst, the announcement has actually been seen as a great idea from ‘Star Wars’ fans, including fan forum moderator Jay Franklin.

“I think it’s exactly what the franchise needed to treat its most hardcore supporters,” revealed Franklin, a devout fan to the point of watching ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ all the way through. “Now we don’t need to wait for a game to release and play it to appreciate any deep-cut references. They must have the best Kyber crystals in the galaxy to cut out the middleman this precisely! With the future of Star Wars, I’m sure it’s all leading up to a Force Ghosts game, where you can play as ‘KOTOR’, ‘1313’, or either version of ‘Battlefront III.’”

As of press time, Embracer was answering questions about the future of other ‘KOTOR’ titles, including revealing that the evasive ‘Restored Content’ add-on for ‘Knights of the Old Republic II’ would exclusively appear as a Force Ghost to Switch players.

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