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Just Dance Dancer Dances New Just Dance Dance

LYON, France Just Dance series fan, Clara Vance, reportedly danced a new Just Dance dance, according to those familiar with the situation.

“I thought there were no more dances left for me to dance,” said Vance. “But somehow I’d missed Water Me, the panda-prance dance, and thought, now’s my chance! Visiting friends caught a glance of my trance and they said it enhanced their time in France.”

Vance’s roommate Lance was shocked that Vance found a new Just Dance dance to enchant.

“She plays Just Dance every day, like she’s entranced. I thought, surely, she had danced all the dances in Just Dance,” said Lance, “but when she assumed her panda prance dance stance in her swanky new dance pants I knew it t’was a virgin dance for Vance, even at a glance.”

After dancing the dance, Vance confirmed that this only enhanced her Just Dance romance, while her roommate, Lance, stared at her askance wondering why she couldn’t give his love a chance.

Note: Article written by a writer who does freelance.

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