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“It’s Like Pokémon” Concerned Ape Confirms Penny, Robin, and Leah Are One Character

How did you never see it?

This week in gaming news, Stardew Valley creator, Concerned Ape, took to Twitter in order to explain a common misconception fans seem to have concerning their ultra-popular indie Farming-Sim.

“What fans don’t seem to realize is that many of these characters are actually just one iteration in a line. It’s like Pokémon where, as the creature gains experience, it levels up and eventually evolves,” a representative from the company said. “For example, Penny is clearly the base form of Leah who evolves into Robin.

“And obviously for this reason Leah could absolutely destroy Robin in combat, if it ever came to it.”

The news was a shock to many long time fans of the game who already believed that Jodi was, in fact, the evolved form of Leah.

“I don’t think it counts as an evolution if you get rid of the Ponytail,” one fan replied, “Leah seems a lot more like an evolution of the Leah design. It’s like if you said Harvey evolved into Lewis who evolved into Linus. The hat needs to stay!”

It’s certainly puzzling news, and many fans have been left asking clarifying questions like “does giving them gifts help the evolution process?”, but nevertheless, we look forward to more lore, and possible evolutions being revealed in the much anticipated Update 1.6

At press time, many in the community had their fingers crossed for the “Ponytail Patch.”