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Israeli Counter-Strike Team Kills Concerning Amount of Hostages

BURBANK, Calif. — The typically upstanding world of professional Counter-Strike was mired in controversy this week after Israeli team Landgrab killed a concerning amounting of hostages in a match.

Landgrab won their recent tournament match against rival team Warrior Pals in a 12-0 sweep but the Warrior Pals allege that Landgrab engaged in unsportsmanlike conduct.

“We were ready for a fair matchup and they just broke all the rules and got rewarded for it,” claims Warrior Pals Captain Ibrahim “FreedomSnipeZ” Safadi. “They didn’t even try to secure and rescue the hostages. Instead, they just launched non-stop aggressive, explosive assaults that always resulted in hostage casualties. You’re not supposed to kill hostages, you’re supposed to save them.” 

“Landgrab did this huge song and dance at the start,” Safadi continued. “They kept saying they were gonna get everyone out and that we’d regret our actions. Then they just molotoved our prisoners. Honestly, in one of the rounds, we actually just let the hostages go. Figured it’d be safer for them.”

These accusations may have a shred of truth to them. Already, dozens of clips have circled across social media that depict the events in question, with many demanding that an official investigation take place.

“Obviously in the heat of a tournament setting, accidents happen,” said Teddy “HydeZano” Hart, professional commentator and retired CS veteran. “Guns start shooting, you toss out a frag when you meant to throw a flashbang, and when the smoke clears, the hostage is dead on the ground with two bullets to the back of the head. Who can say what truly happened?”

This isn’t the first time that Landgrab has been in hot water. Already, there have been several allegations of favoritism levied at the tournament hosts. Across the tournament, Landgrab has been permitted to choose the map. Furthermore, Warrior Pals has also complained that Landgrab received significantly higher starting funds at the beginning of the match, allowing them to purchase superior weaponry. Landgrab has denied all allegations.

“These disgusting accusations are just another example of the kind of antisemitism that we endure daily,” said Landgrab Captain Asher “PalCleanser” Shalev. “These terrorists, who started it by the way, have no proof. And even if they did, we believe in victory at any cost. That’s the name of the game.”

At press time, tournament organizers have written up a rule stating spectators who continue to call out Landgrab for their poor conduct will be thrown out for spreading hate speech.

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