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Inspiring: Gamer Willing to Consider Use of Maybe One Rare Consumable Before Final Boss

PHOENIX – Local gamer Keith Erickson informed Discord friends today that he is considering the irreversible use of a rare item before taking on an extremely difficult final boss.

“It’s actually something I’ve been debating for a very long time, and I’m still not sure if it’s something I can go through with,” stated a conflicted Erickson. “On the one hand, using up a rare item can grant the upper hand in battle, especially at the final boss of the game.

“But on the other hand, who’s to say that this is even the final boss and not just a warmup or some underling meant to make me waste my precious resources? I didn’t spend 10 hours gathering ancient soul dust just to burn it all on a failed attempt!

“The game designers are probably just trying to trick me into wasting everything I’ve saved up and they’re wrong if they think I’ll fall for it.”

Jason Smith, one of Erickson’s longtime Steam friends, offered his thoughts on the challenging situation. 

“I don’t envy him, not one bit–though I do admire his bravery. That final boss is around the corner wielding god knows what type of weapon, and we can only guess how many health bars it’ll have. I’d wager at least two. Can you really justify using a highly rare consumable in a fight like that?

“Plus it’s a slippery slope once you start considering using something valuable from your inventory. First it’s the rare berries, then the useful elixirs, and the next thing you know you’ll be burning up a goddamned smiting scroll! Everyone knows you save that stuff for NG+ or whatever secret, way more difficult final-final boss comes after this one. Don’t forget about the bosses in DLC, too.”

NeonBlade, a popular Twitch streamer and RPG enthusiast, explained that this type of gamer’s conundrum takes an extremely delicate approach. 

“Ran into this same situation playing Elden Ring–I saved all my fire grease and boluses until the very end, even though using them would’ve made the game both more enjoyable and noticeably shorter. My advice? Save your items.”

Eyewitness reports have also confirmed that Erickson reportedly spent more time paging through his extensive inventory than actually playing the game, with the latest rumors indicating a full respec may be necessary before any items are used.

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