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Influencer With Dwindling Charisma Respecs Into Bigotry

OAKLAND, Calif. — Popular Twitch streamer and YouTube creator KingOfAllW0rlds has been met with scrutiny lately, which means he’s about to get a whole lot worse.

“Well, after you get criticised as a white guy in content creation it’s like, where do you go? NFTs? Racism? Crypto? Transphobia? I decided, yes,” said the streamer in a now-viral clip. “So if all the snowflakes and attack helicopters on Twitter don’t like me anymore — that’s fine. I’m just gonna tell it like it is. For example, women should not be allowed to ever tell me — a man, what to do. That right is exclusively reserved for my gorgeous, sultry, shapely and if I may say so; handsome teammates.”

Though polarizing some, many fans of the streamer vocalized that they’d still be supporting him, despite his respec into bigotry. 

“He’s totally changing things up and it fuckin’ rips, bro,” said Malcolm Childs, a devout, longtime KingOfAllW0rlds viewer. “He’s not gonna let the status quo tell him what to do and what to say anymore. That’s reserved for RAID: Shadow Legends and RAID: Shadow Legends only! Get that sponsorship bag, baby! He’s used to being under fire, it happens to him all the time in the game. Now he’s getting aggressive and fighting back, especially against all those people who suggested he might be misinformed about that one thing he said!”

In a later interview with an online publication, the embattled influencer outlined a grand vision for his change in personality.

“It can be content, y’know?” said KingOfAllW0rlds. “It can be part of my brand that I think non-binary people are an assault to my personal freedom or whatever. Well, that and my funky shades. 20% off on my store, people! Hahaha.”

Shortly after the interview went live and it became public that he’d been unfaithful to his wife, KingOfAllW0rlds called his new demeanour “a great respec”, and claimed to have pulled it off so successfully he may as well have a doctorate.