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Incredible: Indie Game You Wishlisted 6 Years Ago Now 18% Off

United States – Gamers awoke this morning to find long-time indie darling, Raven’s Curse: Dusklight, on sale for a whopping 18% off.

“I’m not really sure why I was interested or what it’s about, but I know a discount when I see one,” remarked Eric Lowe, a passionate fan from Boston. Many gamers were shocked to find the game had been on their wishlist at all, with a few recalling vague memories of saving the indie project years ago. “Sure, it’s not 60% off or anything, but you can bet this game was made with a lot of passion at a really small studio,” Lowe continued.

Pricing for the game has certainly never been better, as cost history shows the game sitting at full price for the last 5 years, only receiving a 5% discount for a single day in 2018 – likely due to a brief regional pricing mistake by the developer.

“18% off for an indie is basically the equivalent of 90% off anything else,” remarked indie game enthusiast John Hues. “I’m basically losing money by not buying four copies for my friends.”

“Hopefully the co-op still works on it.”

Dusklight is one of a handful of games offered by developer Big Tomato, which has produced other indie hits Moth Willow Chronicles and Wilbur’s Day Off, none of which have seen such a steep discount in the years since their release.

“To be honest, I’m thinking about picking up a few copies for friends and family since this price won’t last forever,” mentioned games journalist Sara Reed. “It’s perfect timing, actually. My boyfriend and I have been looking for a way to kill a couple of hours and this seems like a fine way to do it. Wait, it’s not even 20% off?”

Boasting over 3 hours of gameplay, Dusklight tells the story of Stella, a lost raven searching for her family in a dark forest. Players must rely on quick thinking to solve light-based cover puzzles and have to watch out for the “Darkness,” an evil entity always hot on your tail.

Thankfully, those who miss out on the deal can always pick up the game as part of a $15.99 developer bundle.

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