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Hunt: Showdown Player’s Highlight Reel Just 7 Minutes of Successfully Finding Ammo, Reloading

SHEBOYGAN, WI – The Hunt: Showdown community has been set ablaze by a new highlight reel, courtesy of long-time hunter “BayouXBully.”

While your typical reel might consist of feats of marksmanship, impossible odds, and sheer dumb luck, Bayou’s set out to showcase a skill considered by many to be the game’s most difficult to perfect: ammo management.

Through the course of 7 minutes, Bayou takes viewers on a journey displaying veteran expertise, at times finding boxes of long rifle rounds and special ammo crates seemingly created out of thin air. Yet more impressive is what follows – when he successfully loads those bullets into his Civil War-era arsenal without any interruption, or rounds wasted.

“I’ve honestly never seen some s**t like this, man,” remarked one viewer we spoke to. “He just finds ammo wherever he goes, it’s like he’s some sort of gunpowder prophet. I watched him fill up on incendiary mmo, in Scrapbeak’s lair. It’s not enough that he’s got the stones to run special ammo on both weapons, but somehow managing those spare rounds against Crowdaddy? It honestly has me thinking it’s hacks.”

The most memorable segment of the video sees Bayou – while under crossfire from both a duo and the remaining half of another – complete perhaps the most lengthy and difficult reload Hunt has to offer: the 28 second reload of the 17-round Caldwell Conversion Chain Pistol.

“I love the Fanning perk with the chain gun, ‘cause I don’t shoot so good,” Bayou began, when we asked him to walk us through this clip. “So I dumped all of my DumDum rounds downing the first guy, and when I realized I forgot to equip a second gun at all, I had no choice but to reload.”

“After I got the first nine bullets in, I knew I couldn’t stop,” Bayou continued. “Those last eight bullets… that’s what separates the men from the boys. To let three other players listen to you reload for half a minute, nonstop… you gotta have that dawg in you, bro.”

The clip ends with Bayou completing the strenuous reload, and immediately losing his life after a torch-wielding grunt strikes both him, and the explosive barrel he’d been unknowingly crouched next to for the entirety of the clip.

Hunt’s developers at Crytek also seemed to be in a collective state of shock when the reel made its rounds through the workplace’s group chats.

“Obviously when we first started on the game, we all agreed we wanted to make finding ammo and reloading worse than pulling teeth, right?” remarked one dev, who wished to remain anonymous. “So when some f***er like this comes along, finding whatever rounds he needs, never losing a single shell to a reload because every hunter he runs has Bulletgrubber? I’ll come clean, we start trying to find a way to put every pack of Hellhounds and Hive at our disposal in his path.”

When asked if he had any specific focus in mind for his next highlight reel, Bayou expressed a desire to capitalize on his recent success, but left us with only a single cryptic statement:

“Let’s just say Louisiana could use a few less horses.”

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