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Hogwarts Legacy Criticized for Giving Media Platform to Problematic Figure Voldemort

SALT LAKE CITY — Upcoming Harry Potter open world game Hogwarts Legacy has been receiving backlash for giving a media platform for the problematic figure behind the series, the dark lord Voldemort.

“After all the hate and ignorance that they’ve spewed on Twitter, I think it’s irresponsible of this game to remind everyone about Voldemort,” said game reviewer Michael Cranston. “I’m not really into cancel culture, but anything Harry Potter themed has kind of been permanently tainted by He Who Shall Not Be Named trying to grow to infinite evil power. Of course since the game is releasing, Voldemort has gone back to his Twitter and fired off his hottest political takes.”

“I know he’s already very wealthy from his various magical exploits,” Cranston added, “but I just don’t wanna buy something that I know will give him another dollar. I don’t want to be a part of adding to Voldemort’s wealth.”

With the game in the forefront of the news cycle, Harry Potter fans have begun to reflect on how the series has been tainted.

“It’s sad, really, because I grew up on these books, but after all the interviews and social media posts, Voldemort ruined it for me,” said Harry Potter fan Emily Ryner. “It’s like every time I log into Twitter, Voldemort has said another stupid, mean thing to someone who didn’t deserve it. I don’t think I’ll be playing Hogwarts Legacy because it’s too unethical to give my money to someone who created so many Horcruxes. It was easy to sweep a few of the evil things he did under the rug, but we expected Voldemort to grow and change but instead he just kept doubling down on his evil beliefs.”

At press time, sources reported that there was a rising online backlash to Hogwarts Legacy for openly pushing the agenda of a Dark Arts lifestyle.