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Warhammer Player Killed in Tragic Pile of Shame Collapse

ATLANTA — The body of 31 year old Davis Grim was found buried under a mound of plastic in his Brookhaven home this past Tuesday afternoon, according to a police report. The coroner on scene shortly announced Grim’s wounds to be at 0. 

Neighbors called in a welfare check for Grim after noticing a large pileup of mail at his house that grew by the day. 

“I had noticed lots of boxes and envelopes piling up, so I tried banging on his door with no luck. That’s when I called a welfare check. I did notice many of the boxes were labeled ‘Games Workshop’ and with them there was a mound of what appeared to be credit card bills,” said Jim Johnson, Grim’s neighbor from across the street.

The autopsy report concluded that Grim was crushed to death under a pile of boxes and gray plastic. It details how the force of  the collapse crushed his ribs and punctured his lung. Grim, without an invuln save, was killed immediately.

Investigators found that the events that led up to Grim’s death can be retraced through his reddit account. Grim’s account ‘u/adeptus_feetpls’ had multiple posts leading up to his death. About 2 weeks ago Grim posted to r/deathguard40k and r/Warhammer40k with a picture of a Death Guard combat patrol and a caption saying, “First ever warhammer kit! What things should I get next to have a strong army?” This post received 30 combined upvotes. 

Only 3 days later Grim posted to r/darkangels a picture of a Dark Angels combat patrol, The Lion, and a set of Deathwing Knights. The post was captioned “starting a new army! For the lion! What other units should I get to make a strong list?”. The post received no upvotes and has since been removed. 

One day later, the same post was posted to r/theunforgiven where it received 47 upvotes. For 5 more days the posts continued, each time to a new subreddit and each time with more items in the picture until they suddenly stopped. 

Notably, no posts were ever made to r/minipainting.

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