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Have Some Empathy: Toxic CoD Tween Going Through Rough Patch With Your Mom

Eugene, OR – 13-year-old Tyler Lee’s recent mean-spirited outburst over Xbox voice chat was vexing but ultimately excusable given how rocky things have been with your mom, high-pitched sources tell Hard Drive.

“It doesn’t completely absolve him for his behavior, but Tyler has been under a lot of stress lately,” said Caleb from soccer. “He’s got a lot of responsibilities – between practice, math and his deeply carnal relationship with your mom, he’s just got a lot on his plate. And now the cracks are beginning to show.”

Fellow experts in the voice chat agreed Lee should be cut slack, as your mother can be a sexually demanding woman. Well, at least she was when they all had their turn.

“I don’t think he means the things he said, he’s just stressed,” one voice said while teabagging your character. “He’s usually being drained by your mom once or twice a day but she’s been busy draining me and the boys while we absolutely destroy you so he’s a little pent up.”

It really is true what they say – you never know what someone is going through. A bit of understanding certainly isn’t out of order in situations like these, but is Tyler equipped to navigate these heightened emotions at such a young age?

“You’re like 50, get a real job,” said Tyler when approached for comment, along with several unprintable slurs. “Hold on, I got a nood from your mom, be right back.”

At press time, your mother has neither confirmed nor denied her tryst with the boys from Pwner69 clan.