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Hard Drive’s Tier List of All 96 Mario Kart 8 Tracks

Mario Kart 8 released in 2014 on the Wii U with the standard 32 tracks – 16 new and 16 returning “retro” tracks – split across 8 cups. Two waves of DLC were released for the Wii U version of the game, each bringing an additional eight tracks, bringing the total up to 48.

Mario Kart 8 was then ported to the Nintendo Switch in 2017 as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, packaging the original game with all of its DLC, seemingly as a complete and definitive version of the game. That is until early 2022, when Nintendo announced the Booster Course Pass. This new DLC would bring 12 additional cups to the game across six waves, spread out over almost two years.

Now that the final wave of DLC is out, there are a lot of tracks in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Like, entirely too many. Ninety-six of them, to be precise. Your friends are only going to put up with losing to you so many times in a row, so you need to know which tracks to play and which to skip. That’s why I spent the last 17 hours of my life playing and ranking every single one, to see which ones come out on top. This is the official Hard Drive Mario Kart 8 Deluxe track tier list.

F – Tier

The tracks in F-Tier are the ones no true gamer would reasonably enjoy playing. They’re almost all either real city tracks from Tour, or “tutorial tracks” that are mainly to ease new players into the mechanics of their respective games. The real city tracks can certainly be entertaining to look at, but get old quick.

#96 – Tour Paris Promenade

I don’t really like any of the tracks based on real cities. They all share the same gimmick of changing the track layout each lap, but I don’t find that very interesting when the tracks themselves are boring in the first place. Paris Promenade ranks lowest on the list because it has the least variation of them all, leaving you with a pretty bland circuit that you drive backwards on the third lap.

#95 – Tour Tokyo Blur

Every single Lap in Tokyo Blur feels the exact same, and it’s 60% freeway. The environment is pretty, so it ranks higher than Paris, but not by much.

Maybe deep down I don’t even like leaving my house I don’t know – but these tracks don’t do it for me.

#94 – SNES Donut Plains 3

Donut Plains 3 is visually very pretty, but not all too fun to race on. The environment is completely flat, and the somewhat thin bridges are the only real obstacles, if you can even call them that.

#93 – SNES Mario Circuit 3

Another SNES Track, Mario Circuit 3 has all of the same problems: a flat, bland track that is visually very samey throughout, with very little interesting about it.

#92.5 – That One Mario Odyssey Moon With the RC Car

While not technically present in Mario Kart 8, this moon took so many attempts for me to finally get that it earns a place on this list out of respect.

#92 – Tour Madrid Drive

Madrid Drive is another city track, but it has a little more going for it than Paris did. Driving through the stadium and avoiding the giant wiggler bring in obstacles not present in some of the other city tracks, but it still suffers from being pretty flat.

#91 – Tour Los Angeles Laps

Los Angeles Laps is the next city track, and it gets points over the others for being more visually varied. Each lap actually takes you through different environments, from the beach to the city proper, and finally to a POS oil field, just like the real Los Angeles.

#90 – GBA Mario Circuit

At first glance GBA Mario Circuit appears to one up the previous two tracks from the SNES by not being completely flat, but don’t be fooled. While one corner of the track is lifted into the air to make use of the anti-gravity mechanic, it makes no difference in actual gameplay. At least it gives the illusion of verticality.

#89 – Tour Singapore Speedway

Gliding up to and driving across the big hotel in Singapore Speedway is fun, and I like the nighttime aesthetic. For some reason I can never remember any other part of this track, so it can’t rank all that high.

#88 – Tour Bangkok Rush

Bangkok Rush is slightly better than some of the previous city tracks for implementing more verticality via the pedestrian walkways, and I like the tight spiral of the parking garage in lap three that ends with bouncing across the roofs of market stalls.

#87 – Tour London Loop

If this game were at all realistic there would be 7000 more cars on the road, and you’d have to stop every 15 seconds for a tourist to stand in the street unsure of how to get to the giant clock tower that’s right in front of them. The track is fine, I guess.

#86 – Tour Sydney Sprint

Several long curves and wide straightaways make it ideal to chain drifts together in Sydney Sprint, but like most city tracks, it’s nothing special.

#85 – Tour New York Minute

While one of the more visually interesting city tracks, New York Minute is still not really fun to play. I understand that these are based on real cities, but none of them really utilize the main mechanic of Mario Kart 8, the anti-gravity. It also would’ve been more interesting to have a New Donk City track, if you ask me.

#84 – Tour Berlin Byways

Jesus, how many more of these city tracks are there? The track is nothing special, but the Berlin wall being partially made out of whomps has some concerning implications about the whomps’ political standings.

#83 – 3DS Toad Circuit

Toad Circuit is just another introductory course, but the giant toad balloons haunt my dreams and told me if I ranked this any lower it would end badly for me.

D – Tier

D-Tier tracks are generally fine, but not ones I would often pick myself. Either they’re just generally not too interesting, or rely too heavily on a gimmick that feels underdeveloped.

#82 – Tour Athens Dash

Athens Dash contains almost none of the actual city, and is far better for it. Being entirely set within the ruins means it takes some more liberties, introducing far more verticality than any previous city track. The rolling boulders in lap 3 are an actual obstacle, which is always nice.

#81 – GBA Sunset Wilds

Sunset wilds, like many other SNES and GBA tracks, is very flat. That is certainly to its detriment, but the second to last corner has shy guys dancing with their pickaxes as they mine for… whatever it is they mine for, and I don’t have it in my heart to rank the course any lower for their sake.

#80 – Tour Amsterdam Drift

The underwater and countryside sections of Amsterdam Drift make each lap feel much more distinct from one another than in many of the other city courses.

#79 – DS Mario Circuit

DS Mario Circuit is a relatively plain track, but plenty of mushroom shortcut opportunities and the fireball shooting piranha plants on the third turn bump it up quite a few ranks.

#78 – Tour Vancouver Velocity

Vancouver Velocity actually makes use of anti-gravity for the suspension bridge in lap one, which makes it automatically better than nearly every other city track. You also get to drive through a hockey rink occupied by a bunch of shy guys spinning around, who would probably make for a better team than the Canucks.

#77 – Excitebike Arena

Excitebike Arena is just a oval. The jumps are fun for chaining boosts, but there’s little else going for it.

#76 – GCN Yoshi Circuit

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Yoshi Circuit is a track shaped like yoshi. It’s a cute idea, but severely limits the track design. It’s very flat the whole way through, but some tight corners around the back of yoshi’s head add a little bit of challenge, though not much. It’s also a double dash track, which drops it down at least two tiers.

#75 – Twisted Mansion

Twisted Mansion should have been a Luigi’s Mansion track instead of just a generic ghost house. So much more could have been done with the anti-gravity and twisting floors, but what’s there is definitely interesting.

#74 – GBA Cheese Land

About 68% of the population is some level of lactose intolerant, meaning that Cheese Land cannot statistically rank any higher than D tier. Sorry, I don’t make the rules.

C – Tier

Nearly every C-Tier track has an interesting theme that should have been explored further. They’re either visually great or great to drive on, but not too much of both.

#73 – Tour Rome Avanti

Rome Avanti is my favorite of the city tracks. The spiral around the colosseum is fun, and driving through it in lap three and avoiding the chain chomps is a nice touch. It’s also got a great visual style, with an overcast nighttime skybox with the track lit primarily by street lamps.

#72 – SNES Bowser Castle 3

The lava falls surrounding the track and the fireballs shooting over it make Bowser Castle 3 visually far more interesting than most other SNES tracks, and there’s far more verticality added as well.

#71 – Ice Ice Outpost

Ice Ice Outpost could have been great. The ice surrounding the track is melting and falling into the water throughout the race, but the actual track isn’t ice at all, and stays the same throughout the race. The track technically splits in two at several points, but both paths remain parallel the entire time and might as well be one track. You can trick off of the gap between them, but it would have been more interesting to have them diverge a little bit more.

#70 – Piranha Plant Cove

The sunken ruins aesthetic of Piranha Plant Cove is cool, but mostly abandoned in the third lap for a rather generic underwater setting.

#69 – Mario Circuit

Mario Circuit is shaped like a mobius strip, which is cool as hell and a perfect way to showcase the anti-gravity mechanics. The track itself isn’t all too special, but driving upside down and seeing the ground above you is certainly fun.

#68 – DS Shroom Ridge

Shroom Ridge has a cool concept, but it’s relatively short and that same concept is executed better in several other tracks present in the game.

#67 – GBA Riverside Park

Riverside Park isn’t anything special to race on, but it’s visually stunning and the music slaps so hard that I can’t rank it any lower than this.

#66 – Super Bell Subway

Super Bell Subway is a fine track, but I would’ve preferred if it had a more focused theme. The subway aesthetic is interesting but doesn’t do much to affect the race. The exact same track could have a totally different theme and not be any worse for it, which isn’t a good thing.

#65 – N64 Royal Raceway

Royal Raceway is just a beautiful track. There are cherry blossoms along the middle third of the track, you race around a lake filled with pedal boats in the form of swans, there are hot air balloons surrounding Peach’s castle. It’s a little plain to race on, but the visuals are spot on.

#64 – GCN Dry Dry Desert

Falling pillars becoming ramps to boost off of and a giant sinkhole in the middle of the track make Dry Dry Desert a relatively dynamic track, but I wish more had been done with it. The oasis is a nice visual touch, though.

#63 – Bowser’s Castle

Bowser’s castle is full of stage hazards, as any self respecting evil lair should be. The centerpiece of the track is a giant bowser statue made of lava and rocks that punches the track, sending out ripples you can trick off of for a boost. I just wish it was a little bit longer, or did a little bit more with the anti-gravity.

#62 – Electrodome

Electrodome is a music themed track, but I feel like the track itself could have done more to reflect that. It’s visually fantastic, and makes great use of anti-gravity, but the two aspects could have interacted a little bit more to make a truly amazing track.

#61 – Merry Mountain

Merry Mountain has you racing up a Christmas themed mountain, before barreling down a straightaway back to the finish line. I love the theming of the track, but the second half of the track is just a giant ramp. Having a few more boost pads or jumps could have done a lot for this track.

#60 – Water Park

Water Park is a similar story to a lot of the other tracks in this tier. It has a great foundation, and the water park theme is great, but it should have leaned even further into it, with more anti-gravity following the roller coaster, and going between above and below the water at weird angles because of it.

B – Tier

B-Tier tracks have a well developed theme and visual style, and are fun to drive. None of them would be my first choices, but they have enough to them to feel more enjoyable than not.

#59 – Mario Kart Stadium

Mario Kart Stadium is certainly a simple track, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad. The visual of driving straight towards the ground with the anti-gravity is certainly unique, and the stadium environment is well realized.

#58 – Wii Daisy Circuit

Daisy Circuit is another track that gets bonus points for visuals. Racing around the statues and lighthouse is good fun, and the shortcut ramp is even better than in the original due to the addition of gliders.

#57 – GCN Daisy Cruiser

Daisy Cruiser is unfortunately another track from Double Dash. It’s really fun to race on, but it’s a huge safety hazard. The tables in the dining room are sliding all over the place, and I’m pretty sure driving through the pool of a cruise ship while guests are in it is illegal. Daisy really should be in prison for this.


#56 – Yoshi’s Island

Yoshi’s Island replicated the style of the original game remarkably well, and it’s fairly fun to race on as well. Nothing amazing, but certainly a fun track.

#55 – 3DS Rock Rock Mountain

I enjoy the long gliding sections in Rock Rock Mountain, and driving straight up the mountain with anti-gravity is cool. If the track were slightly more interesting than just being a rectangular loop, it would be a very good track.

#54 – Sky-High Sundae

Sky-High Sundae is full of ramps to boost off of and has a strong visual theme, but is held back by being another oval. Surely something else could have been done here. Turning left gets old after a while.

#53 – GBA Snow Land

Snow Land is another track that is carried by its visuals. The entire road is covered in shiny ice, and the background is made up of giant ice crystals. A strong mushroom cut after the third turn and the opportunity for very clean lines makes this a fun one to race on as well.

#52 – GBA Sky Garden

Sky Garden is a very short track with an interesting premise that could have been executed better. It can be pretty visually flat due to simplistic textures, and the general aesthetic isn’t enough to make up for that.

#51 – 3DS Rosalina’s Ice World

Rosalina’s Ice World is visually stunning, with a gorgeous skybox and amazing offroad detail. You can see planets from Super Mario Galaxy in the background, and the observatory is next to the finish line. The boost pads along the outside of the ice cave are a fun risk to take, but I wish the track did more with the bobsled-like halfpipe sections.

#50 – N64 Choco Mountain

Choco Mountain is a classic. Perfectly drifting around the long corners is incredibly satisfying, and the misty atmosphere is unique and interesting.

#49 – N64 Kalimari Desert

Kalimari Desert is just fun. There’s really nothing special about it, but it’s so much fun to play chicken with the train on laps 2 and 3.

#48 – Wii Wario’s Gold Mine

Wario’s Gold Mine is another amazing looking track. The entire road is made up of minecart tracks, and you’re surrounded by a mining town built into the cliffside. It could have a little more to the track itself, though.

#47 – DS Wario Stadium

Wario is clearly using Wario Stadium as a way to launder his riches, which actually come from his extremely illegal gold mine. No matter what it’s for, it’s definitely fun to race on, with a lot of boost pads and jumps to keep the speed high.

#46 – DS Cheep Cheep Beach

The thin sandbar in the middle of the track can get chaotic in races, which is exactly what Mario Kart is made for. The boardwalk that makes up the first turn isn’t quite as visually appealing as the beach that the rest of the track is made up of, but it’s generally pretty nice looking.

#45 – Dragon Driftway

Dragon Driftway has you race through the mummified corpse of Gobblegut from Super Mario Galaxy 2, which is a cool and slightly disturbing premise. It makes good use of anti-gravity, but I wish it was just a bit longer.

#44 – Bone-Dry Dunes

Bone-Dry Dunes is built around a giant Dry Bowser Skeleton, and allows you to drive on the wall of the track at one point, which is made up of enormous ribs. It’s an overall enjoyable track.

#43 – Wii Moo Moo Meadows

I gain a sick sense of joy from inflicting traumatic injuries on those damn cows.

#42 – Sweet Sweet Canyon

Another visually creative track, Sweet Sweet Canyon is made up entirely of tasty tasty treats that will give you heart disease. The track splits in two for a portion of the race, which I always enjoy.

A – Tier

Everything in A-Tier and above make up the tracks I play almost every time I pick up the game. While not perfect, these tracks are always a great time.

#41 – GCN DK Mountain

DK Mountain is another filthy Double Dash track, but it’s balanced out by having a big-ol’ barrel with Donkey Kong’s initials on it that shoots you up to a very angry volcano.

#40 – DS Waluigi Pinball

Waluigi Pinball is a very good track, and it completely commits to the bit of making a racetrack out of a pinball machine. Either the racers are very small, or Waluigi somehow built a giant pinball machine complete with balls that have to be several tons at least.

#39 – GCN Waluigi Stadium

Waluigi Stadium is just a better version of Wario Stadium, which makes sense as Waluigi is the superior tennis player. Even its unfortunate origins as a Double Dash track can’t stop this one from being a lot of fun to race on.

#38 – Squeaky Clean Sprint

Squeaky Clean Sprint Reminds me of a custom track for Mario Kart Wii, in the best way possible. There’s nothing inherently Mario about it, and yet it fits in with the rest of the tracks flawlessly.

#37 – Wii Moonview Highway

Moonview Highway is awesome. The night time cityscape makes for an impeccable backdrop, and weaving between the cars and using certain ones as ramps is a chaotic, fantastic time.

#36 – N64 Yoshi Valley

I love tracks with split paths, and no track splits quite as much as Yoshi Valley. I’ve played it a lot and I have no clue what the ideal path through it is, and I don’t care at all.

#35 – Hyrule Circuit

Hyrule Circuit is a fairly simple track that is greatly elevated by its presentation. You race through Hyrule Castle town and through the temple of time. The coins are rupees. The piranha plants are deku babas. The attention to detail here is amazing.

#34 – Wii Coconut Mall

Coconut Mall is beloved by many, and for good reason. Everybody has dreamed of driving their dirt bike unreasonably fast through their local mall, and this track allows you to live out that fantasy without going to prison.

#33 – GCN Sherbet Land

While Sherbet Land would be better if it was from Mario Kart Wii, it’s still pretty good. Having the ability to drive an almost completely different track if you fall into the frozen lake is really fun, and the snow themed tracks always have great atmosphere.

#32 – GBA Boo Lake

Boo Lake is one of my favorite tracks to run in time trials, due to its simple layout that is perfectly designed to seamlessly chain drifts around the corners. It’s a bit plain on the visual side of things, though.

#31 – 3DS DK Jungle

Modeled after Donkey Kong Country Returns, DK Jungle is as pretty as it is fun to race on, It also has a temple to a giant banana statue, which has to count for something.

#30 – Animal Crossing

The best part about Animal Crossing is the season mechanic, where every time you race on it you could get any of four different variations of the track. It’s a pretty good track outside of that, with a strong visual identity.

#29 – SNES Rainbow Road

SNES Rainbow Road will punish you the first couple times you play it, but once you finally learn how to nail every corner and stay at top speed as much as possible, it’s an incredibly satisfying track.

#28 – N64 Toad’s Turnpike

Another track set on a busy road at night, Toad’s Turnpike is just a slightly better version of Moonview Highway. There’s really not much more to say about it.

#27 – Cloudtop Cruise

Perfectly lining up every boost pad in the lightning storm in Cloudtop Cruise is exhilarating in a way not many tracks are. It’s also a treat visually, with a more developed version of the beanstalk and clouds style present in Sky Garden.

#26 – Wii Maple Treeway

Maple Treeway is another Wii classic. You race along the canopy and branches of a giant maple tree, while orange leaves fall around you. The track itself is fun too – it’s just thin enough at parts to be challenging in a race without getting frustrating, and it’s hilarious to watch your friends get crushed by the happy wigglers at the top of the tree.

#25 – Rainbow Road

Mario Kart 8’s own Rainbow Road takes the space aesthetic of previous iterations of the track and gives it a technological twist. The space station the track is set in is visually impressive, while the track itself gives plenty of opportunities for mushroom cuts and clever boosts.

#24 – Sunshine Airport

Sunshine Airport is really fun. You get to drive through a plane. You also get to drive under a plane. Neither of these are things you’re allowed to do in real life. They should probably increase their security if this keeps happening.

#23 – DS Tick-Tock Clock

Tick-Tock Clock has fantastic theming, and tons of little gap jumps and boosts make it a more technical track than you would initially think.

S – Tier

S-Tier tracks all have something unique and special to them that set them apart from the rest of the tracks, be it a theme utilized to its full potential or the track layout leading to unique ways to race through them.

#22 – 3DS Piranha Plant Slide

Trying to drive as tight of a line as possible while staying in the water stream that boosts you forward is what keeps me coming back to Piranha Plant Slide. The sewer aesthetic could be prettier for sure, but its dirtiness is part of the charm.

#21 – 3DS Rainbow Road

3DS Rainbow Road lets you drive on the moon, and on the rings of saturn, and through an asteroid field. It’s pure fun to race, and the visual design and track layout complement each other perfectly.

#20 – 3DS Neo Bowser City

Neo Bowser City feels like something out of Need for Speed: Underground, and it rocks. The cold, rainy atmosphere is so good you’ll almost forget that you messed up your drift and flew off the edge of the map three times in a row.

#19 – N64 Rainbow Road

N64 Rainbow Road reminds me of Christmas, for some reason. Maybe it’s the train throwing coins, or maybe it’s the city far below that’s all lit up. No matter what it is, the track is an above average rainbow road. Not much more you can ask for.

#18 – Ninja Hideaway

Ninja Hideaway is my favorite of the tracks originating from Tour. It’s fine visually, but the track design is the real appeal. Almost the entire track has two paths, and if you’re consistent with boosts and making jumps you can stay on the upper path the whole time, rewarding skilled players.

#17 – Dolphin Shoals

Dolphin Shoals is the reason my family has said “do you like the graphics?” any time water is splashed on the camera for the last decade. It still holds up today, but this really was a big jump from the Wii graphics we were used to.

#16 – 3DS Music Park

Music Park is fantastic. The music theme is explored to its fullest, from piano keys that make noise when you drive across them to giant music notes jumping on drums to push you up in the air and give you a chance to trick for a boost.

#15 – Mute City

Please make a new F-Zero game, Nintendo. I’m begging you here.

#14 – Wii Mushroom Gorge

The bouncy mushrooms in Mushroom Gorge make chaining tricks a ton of fun, and the gap jump at the final turn is a good way to make your friends ask “how did you do that” and “why do we even play this with you?”

#13 – Shy Guy Falls

Ever wanted to drive straight up a waterfall? Shy Guy Falls is the track for you. It makes excellent use of anti-gravity to create a visually unique track that’s fun to race on as well.

#12 – GBA Ribbon Road

Ribbon Road nails the aesthetic of being made out of toys, and a ton of little shortcuts and opportunities to air trick make it a ton of fun to race with friends or grind in time trials.

#11 – Wii Koopa Cape

Much like Piranha Plant Slide, Koopa Cape’s main appeal is driving fast as hell on the water current and probably running into one of the bananas you dropped in a previous lap. Diving into the water for the latter half of the track is also pretty visually interesting.

#10 – Mount Wario

I love tracks that aren’t laps, instead opting for one long track split into three sections. Mount Wario is one of those tracks, set on a massive ski run that takes you from the top of the mountain, through a patch of trees, and finally through a slalom run to the finish line.

#9 – Toad Harbor

Bombing the hill at the end of Toad Harbor is a lot of fun, and all of the verticality in different places you can drive makes it a really great track.

S+ – Tier

S+ is reserved for the best of the best. These tracks are fun, chaotic, and lean into the cartoonish nature of Mario Kart to be some of the most fun you can have in any racing game of any kind.

#8 – DS Peach Gardens

Peach Gardens has always been a good track. The chain chomps in the hedge maze seem like they can come out of nowhere just to ruin your day, and it’s visually stunning. Mario Kart 8 dials it up to eleven, by utilizing an unused road from the original version of the track to cause you to drive lap 3 in reverse. A glider ramp is also added just before the chain chomp maze. Both of these are fantastic changes, bringing new life to the track and making it truly great.

#7 – Wii DK Summit

DK Summit was by far my most played track on Wii. The double gap jump is challenging and rewarding. It’s so much fun to trick off of as many of the little bumps in the track as you can, and managing to ride the edge of the half pipe in the perfect way to get tons of boosts without any air time was so satisfying. All of this is preserved, just with a new coat of paint. I just wish real ski resorts could shoot me out of a cannon so I didn’t have to take the lift.

#6 – Wii Rainbow Road

Wii Rainbow Road is fantastic. 200CC will probably make you fly off the track a thousand times before you’re able to get it just right, but when you do you’ll never look back. It’s just too much fun to blaze down the track at full speed.

#5 – Thwomp Ruins

Thwomp Ruins really has it all. The thwomps and rolling rocks are dynamic stage hazards, the temple is gorgeous, and it’s a blast to drive on the walls and take the various shortcuts.

#4 – Wild Woods

Wild Woods is the best looking track in the game. The tree-top Shy Guy village gives way to a water-filled tree hollow, ending up in a beautiful pond with lily pads equipped with boost ramps. Every part of it is amazingly rendered with amazing attention to detail.

#3 – Wii Grumble Volcano

Grumble Volcano is hectic, messy, and incredible. As the race progresses, the volcano erupts and causes more and more of the track to fall away as fireballs rain down upon you. The end of the track is a series of moving platforms over lava that require careful navigation if you don’t want to get deep fried. All of this looks amazing, which is a good thing because you’ll be seeing that lava texture a lot.

#2 – Big Blue

Big Blue is almost the perfect Mario Kart track. It ditches the laps for another straight shot to the end, starting out with a tight downward spiral before somewhat straightening out into two separate paths, each with a water stream to give you a boost. The track splits several times throughout, each one weaving around the other.

If you’re really good, you can just ignore all of that. This track has gap jumps for days, enough to rival the likes of Mario Kart Wii. It’s not only the best track for casual play, it has some of the most fun tech of any track in any Mario Kart game.

#1 – GCN Baby Park

All of that said, Baby Park is just better. It’s simple on the surface: a flat oval that you drive around seven times, instead of the usual three. That simplicity hides the fact that it is chaos incarnate, which makes it the perfect Mario Kart track. It’s as small as possible while still being physically able to fit twelve players.

By the seventh lap, the track will be littered with banana peels. If you throw a bomb, you’re bound to hit at least three people. You can drive absolutely perfectly and still get ninth place. That might sound like a negative, but is Mario Kart about winning, or is it really about being as much of a jerk to your friends as you possibly can?

In Conclusion

What did this list accomplish? I’m really not sure. I tried to make this list with as little bias as possible, but everybody is looking for something different in a Mario Kart track, and your list could look completely different. Feel free to post an angry comment explaining why I’m a bad person for disliking your favorite track. Everybody has their favorites, and that’s okay, as long as your favorite is called Baby Park. If it isn’t, we can’t be friends.

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