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GUIDE: Here’s All the Blue Coin Locations in Yellowstone National Park

You don’t want to visit Yellowstone without finding all the coins!

Yellowstone National Park is the first National Park established in the United States, and much of the level design and mechanics of the National Park system were first developed here. But don’t let the old age fool you! Despite several remasters and quality-of-life improvements over the past few decades, the park still provides quite a challenge for veteran travelers. That’s why Hard Drive is here to help you find all the items, collectibles, and easter eggs scattered throughout the over two million acres of the Yellowstone Caldera.


This Blue Coin seems to be in an impossible-to-reach location: 140 feet above the ground! But don’t worry, it’s easier to nab than you’d think. Watch for the geyser to begin to bubble. That’s your cue to stand on top of the hot spring. Then, ride the waterspout up to the coin’s location and add it to your collection. But be patient. The Geyser goes off every 90 minutes so make sure you’re in position early!


There’s no missing this Blue Coin. You’ll see it behind the counter at the gift shop on sale for 1,000,000 Gold Coins. Now, you could spend the time to collect those coins yourself, but there’s actually an easier way. Locate the Camera Crew in the parking lot to receive a quest (See Sidequest: “AS SEEN ON TV.”) Once you save Yellowstone Showrunner Taylor Sheridan from the nearby Lehardys Rapids, he’ll be waiting by the counter. Talk to him once more and he’ll buy you the Blue Coin in return for saving his bacon! 


This picturesque overlook isn’t just a great spot to take in the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River and the magnificent Lower Falls. It’s also the location of one of the most deviously hidden Blue Coins in the park! First, you’ll need to complete the Ranger Rick questline to get the Binoculars (See Main Quest “OUT OF FOCUS”). Position yourself on the easternmost side of the overlook and look through the Binoculars at the falls. Line up the nearby sunbeam with the mist coming off the falls until a rainbow appears. Hold that for five seconds, and voila! A Blue Coin will come shooting off the Lower Falls and land right next to your car. 


Hayden Valley is a great spot to see some of Yellowstone’s magnificent wildlife and restock your crafting materials. The Blue Coin here will reveal itself after you defeat 50 Bison. We recommend equipping the Yellowstone Spirit of the West Burgundy Hoodie for its +2 bonus to Perception and Small Guns. 


This Blue Coin is only available at night. Enter the lodge and make your way to the fireplace in the lobby. Look for a hidden switch along the left side. Push it, opening a secret passage to the basement. (Note: You will need a Flashlight. Extra Batteries are available at the Front Desk) Make your way down until you come to three stone podiums. Pay attention to the symbols on the body of the podiums. You’ll need to find the corresponding idols in the area. 

The Star Idol is in the same room you’re in. Check the chest in the southeastern corner. The Diamond Idol is in the 2nd stall of the communal showers. Finally, find the Annoyed Teen in Cabin 7. Let her join your phone’s WiFi Hotspot, and she’ll give you the Sagitarius Idol. 

Return to the chamber and place the idols on their podiums. Next, you’ll need to answer a series of questions. The correct responses are 

“To enjoy the splendor of nature”

“1,060 Soldiers”

“There can be no greater issue than that of conservation in this country.”

This will spawn the Ghost of Theodore Roosevelt. Speak to him to receive the Blue Coin and one of the best weapons in the park, the “Big Stick.”

Keep your eyes peeled to Hard Drive for even more tips and walkthroughs to help you 100% Yellowstone National Park! 


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