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Guess What Mario Fans, We Have Some Exciting Pikmin News!!

Howdy, gamers! If you missed this morning’s Nintendo Direct because you had loved ones to interact with, don’t worry, Hard Drive has you covered. And boy do we have the scoop for you if you were hoping for some updates about the upcoming live action Mario movie: there’s a Pikmin AR game that came out in 2021! Mamma mia! 

Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto himself appeared onscreen earlier today and addressed the upcoming Mario animated film as well as the upcoming Super Nintendo World theme park that will be opening soon in California by abruptly shifting gears to the Pikmin series and really just talking about Pikmin stuff from there. 

“I have so many exciting things to tell you about Pikmin,” he said, appearing to go off-script as footage of what appeared to be Metroid Prime 4 played behind him. “The Pikmin aren’t even restricted to your video game console anymore. There are Pikmin everywhere! Everywhere! They’re all around us. They’re in our bones!” 

As of press time, Chris Pratt and Seth Rogen appeared in character as Mario and Donkey Kong to tease the upcoming Pikmin 4.