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GTA VI Leaker Escapes After Using Cheat Code to Reset Wanted Level

NEW YORK — The man who leaked the GTA VI trailer early has escaped from police custody. According to police, the fugitive was able to use a cheat code that reset their wanted level to zero leaving authorities with nothing to do.

The move caught authorities off guard and they’re scrambling to find out what to do.

“We were really close to locking this man away for good but now we’re back to square one,” said Rockstar Secret Service Agent Rebecca Stone. “The whole force was ready to come down on this person and in one fell swoop everyone just gave up and wandered away because of this cheat code.”

Rockstar president Sam Houser is confident they’ll get back on track and re-catch the leaker.

“We have our best people working on it right now. We have almost the entire company looking for the printout of the cheat codes. It might take a while but we’ll find it and when we do the leaker is toast.”

“Once we find it we’ll be able to set the wanted level back to five stars and we’ll spawn in an attack helicopter and tank for good measure.”

While Houser is confident that once Rockstar finds their cheat code list they’ll have the advantage, Stone is more cautious.

“Obviously it will help us immensely but we don’t want to get overconfident. The leaker already had a reset wanted level cheat so who knows what other cheats they have. We have to operate under the assumption that whatever cheat codes we get, they have a cheat to counter it. We need to be smart.”

Houser is prepared to use drastic measures if he must.

“If push comes to shove I’ll do whatever it takes to catch this person. Leakers are the evilest scum on the planet so if I have to I will activate the pedestrians riot cheat code if I have to.”

At press time Rockstar employees are being interrogated by Trevor Phillips to determine whose kid is the leaker.

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