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Ganondorf Says Position as Gerudo King Gives Him Immunity for Crimes

Ganondorf is currently set to face trial for his attempted insurrection against Hyrule but claims his position as the King of the Gerudo should grant him full immunity from all charges. 

Ganondorf spoke about his position at a rally held for his forces.

“As Gerudo King I can’t be prosecuted for these charges. Crooked Zelda, Sleepy Rauru, and Lying Link are running Hyrule into the ground and spreading the hoax that I am a threat to democracy when the real threat is them,” the monstrous Prince of Darkness said. “I was doing what was best for my people and it’s not like everybody in Hyrule is innocent. ”

Lead prosecutor Impa has refuted these immunity claims saying, “Just because he is Gerudo King does not mean he shouldn’t be held accountable for his attack on Hyrule. If we let him get away with that we might as well give him the triforce.”

Judge Rauru assures Hyrule that whatever the court rules will be what’s best for the kingdom.

“Me and the other Sages are working in the best interest of the entire Kingdom of Hyrule. No matter what, the people of Hyrule can rest assured that we will do whatever it takes to make sure it’ll be a long time before we inevitably let him do this again.”

When asked for his thoughts on the matter, Hero of Hyrule Link had this to say,


The citizens of Hyrule have reportedly had vastly different opinions on whether Ganondorf should be immune from prosecution. One carpenter from Gerudo valley was ready to forgive the reincarnation of Demise, saying, “He absolutely should have immunity. He’s a King and was just trying to improve Hyrule. The opposition just wants him silenced.”

Others were not so sure.

“I had to close down my shop after his insurrectionists made Hyrule Castle Town unsafe, just because he’s King should not make him above the law,” said Happy Mask Salesman.

At press time, the Sages are preparing a temporary seal to hold Ganondorf just until it’s not their problem anymore.

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