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GamerGate 2 Review Bombed on Steam for Being Obvious Cash Grab

STEAM – Frustrated fans are reportedly review bombing the sequel to the 2014 title Gamergate, which saw moderate success despite controversial themes and being generally detached from reality, sources confirmed.

The review bombing comes after many fans of the series began to realize that they were being heavily monetized by those who were cast as the spokespersons of the series.

“I thought it was just a coincidence that so many people began discussing it at the same time,” one former fan said on Twitter. “But then I realized that these people were latching onto this title in order to stay relevant and generate ad revenue. I can handle a couple new YouTube follows but eventually all the group memberships started to really add up. Inflation’s out of control.”

This comes after many content creators have shifted to covering the series after a discovery that YouTube’s algorithm heavily promoted videos that mentioned the sequel. However, not all fans of the series had a negative reaction.

“I don’t understand why people are calling fans of the series hateful,” one fan said. “I just like watching video after video of guys shouting as hard as they can about how no one is hot anymore and they should just die.”

This backlash also has fans worried about the prospects of another sequel, which fans claim is needed to fight against the wokeness of modern games, although after several interviews it was unclear what that meant exactly.

At press time we had lost contact with most of our sources, but did see several of our unreplied to emails appear in a 5-part YouTube series about how Hard Drive has gone woke.

Article by RJ

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