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Gamer Simply Wants Non-Political Games, White Ethnostate

Simple, everyday gamer Davin Andersen reportedly wishes video games would stop pushing unneeded political agendas and instead focus on just being fun. He’d also support a white ethnostate.

“I play video games to get away from the stress of modern life and unending culture war stuff from both sides,” Andersen said. “Does everything need to be a political statement? Does everyone need to use every platform to spread their beliefs? I mostly keep mine to myself.”

“Until the time is right,” he added.

Andersen says he simply prefers games to be non-political. Then, when the time is right, he says, perhaps games could begin to lean a little closer to his own views – if they want. Then, in a perfect world, he would personally control each and every narrative of all games released. That way gamers would be happy. “AAA has no idea how to sell a game anymore,” he explained.

Andersen says videogames were better before owners bowed to activist employees. He believes both sides would be better off going their own ways.

“There are ways to separate the people we want from the people we don’t,” he said. “It could be done peacefully. I have a lot of ideas of how we could get a nice, clean separation if you want to hear.”

Online associates of Andersen, gathered in a discord called Gamers4Truth, say he isn’t representative of the group.

“I honestly just felt some of the inclusive stuff in games is a little corny or forced, like an impromptu HR presentation during a zombie apocalypse,” one member who goes by the username TboneFukHauz, said. “So yea, I lashed out a bit. I shouldn’t have done that. I think I just had low blood sugar and wasn’t feeling great that day, so I joined the group. That guy takes it too far though – he wants us all to get outfits together and go marching, the whole nine yards.”

Others in the group also distanced themselves.

“He keeps talking about ranks, saying we’re in a war,” another member who asked to remain anonymous, said. “This isn’t a war. I’m not a psycho. Call me old fashioned but I think we should just identify community managers and post their home addresses online. Just normal everyday stuff.”

Experts say it’s not uncommon for groups to have a diverse collection of views on whether or not it’s ok to be against all forms of racial diversity.

“Both online and offline coalitions have a variety of members, some more extreme than others. It’s hard to say if the tolerance of extreme members says anything about individual members of the group, as these movements are often very disorganized and non-hierarchical,” Debra Hunter, head of Stanford’s psychology department, said. “Usually they die out once a few leaders arise and turn the whole thing into a subscription media product.”

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