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Gamer Girl Toes [DO NOT PUBLISH]

Dear Hard Drive editors,

Here are the pictures you wanted. I don’t have your email addresses so I uploaded this as a draft in WordPress to get it to you. Just don’t hit publish haha 🙂

I found this one on Reddit. M.J., I’m only 90% sure this is a PS2 controller like you asked for. Might be a PS3? Not sure. Hope you like it.

Here’s some good toes. She’s traded her Charizard from Pokemon Blue all the way up to the 3DS! 🙂

Jeremy: I know she plays Overwatch but I’m not sure if she’s a DVA main. Sorry man. Hope this is enough for you.


OK I honestly think this one is pretty weird but it’s what you asked me for lol

And finally, my brothers, the toes of a professional gamer:Just pay me for these the usual way. Thx!

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