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Game Freak Reveals Seaking Was Erased From Pokémon Eight Years Ago and Nobody Noticed

TOKYO — Pokémon fans across the globe are in shock after developer Game Freak revealed the company deleted Seaking from the Pokémon universe nearly a decade ago.

Despite multiple new releases in the main series of Pokémon games during this time, not a single person recorded that the Water-type monster had been erased from the popular franchise. In fact, some influencers who are popular in the Pokémon scene celebrated its removal.

“Oh yeah, Seaking. He’s that little red freak, right? Or maybe he’s orange, I’m not sure. I thought his name was actually ‘Seeking’, like, he looks for shit with his eyes or something. His stats are absolutely terrible,” said popular YouTuber, Pokémon Challenges.

Fellow YouTuber Alpharad added, “I’ve beaten every single Pokémon game roughly a dozen times, and can’t remember a single instance where I used Seaking. I think I had a cousin who used him in a Pokemon Leaf Green playthrough once, but I could be wrong.”

Despite Seaking being an original 151 Pokémon from the Kanto region, there didn’t seem to be much love from the fanbase for the evolution of Goldeen.

President of Game Freak Satoshi Tajiri said, “We were running low on data servers to house all the Pokémon, and Seaking seemed like a good one to get rid of. Our research showed not a single person would miss the ugly little fish.”

He continued, “Our research showed that removing Seaking would make room for newer, cuter fish that fans can grow to know and love. Also, changing the number of original Pokémon to 150 makes it a nice even number.”

Game Freak announced after our interview that the company would be confiscating all copies of Pokémon titles with existing Seaking data so they could delete any trace of the goldfish like pocket monster.

Additionally they plan to delete Seal as well since it’s basically a lazier version of Spheal that’s not as cute.

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