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Game Freak Lays Off 300 Pokemon

TOKYO – Game Freak, the makers of Pokemon, reportedly laid off 300 Pokemon today, roughly 30 percent of its total pocket monster workforce, according to internal company emails leaked on social media.

“Those impacted by today’s restructuring will continue to have access to company healing and revive potions for three months, and any unpaid rest days will be credited as one turn instead of two,” Satoshi Tajiri, President of Game Freak, wrote in the memo. “Those who remain but are unwilling to wield a firearm for ethical or moral reasons will be offered buyouts.”

The move comes after a few so-so releases from Game Freak in the form of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, as well as outside pressure from rival Palworld.

“We missed the mark with Scarlet and Violet. These failures fall on leadership, which is why you’ll be the one who pays for it,” Tajiri continued later on in the memo. “We want you to know your talents will not be forgotten – or used elsewhere as we have a very strict non-compete.”

Layoffs are still rolling out to those affected in haphazard emails. We caught up with one of the Pokemon let go to ask them about their future in the pocket monster industry.

“Mr. mime mr. mime mr. mime,” Mr. Mime said with tears in his eyes. “Mr. mime. Mr. mime mr. mime mr. mime.”

At press Mr. Mime could be seen entering Pocket Pair Inc. HQ with a loaded gun in one hand and his resume in the other.

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