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Friend Says Best Game of 2022 Is Some Weeb Shit You’ve Never Heard Of

BOSTON — Local gamer Anthony McCall is adamant the obscure rhythm JRPG Aurora Australis Hyperdrive was the best game of 2022, sources confirm.

“Dude, how have you still not played AAH?” said McCall to a visibly exhausted friend at TGI Friday’s late last night “The story is absolutely insane! The prologue is a little dry, sure, but it’s so crucial you really get to know the characters for those mid-game twists to really hit. You absolutely have to play it. What’s your Steam name again? I’ll send you a code”.

Speaking to reporters privately from the restaurant’s bathroom, Felix Harrison, McCall’s friend, was noticeably agitated by McCall’s newfound passion for what sure sounded like some weeb shit.

“This is getting insufferable, Anthony never talks about anything other than this stupid anime shit anymore,” he said. “We used to be able to talk no problem but he always finds a way to redirect the conversation to Australian Overdrive [sic] or whatever the fuck it’s called. He keeps telling me to play it but I don’t have the time to play some stupid anime game just to humor him. Even by his own admission the first 20 hours are filler. How can the opening of the game be filler for Christ’s sake?”

Even those responsible for the development of Aurora Australis Hyperdrive seem somewhat puzzled by Mr. McCall’s fixation on the game.

“I was certainly surprised to hear someone thought so highly of the it,” said Nakasone Maiko, the executive producer of AAH “From my perspective, it’s not really all that good. The graphics are abrasive, the combat is floaty, the narrative is just downright incomprehensible. The whole thing is sort of a mess made to appeal to a very specific type of gamer. Frankly, I’m surprised Anthony likes it so much.” 

Maiko went on to confirm two direct sequels and five spin-off titles to Aurora Australis Hyperdrive will be released within the next calendar year.