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Fortnite Teammate Missing and Feared Dead, Last Seen Chasing a Crown

CLASSY COURTS— A local Fortnite squad is asking for the public’s help to try and find their missing teammate, Jay Adams a.k.a. $pacePunch3r. Adam’s reportedly separated from his squad early in the match to grab a crown dropped by a downed enemy.

“He’s usually not gone this long,” said Noah Ellis, Adam’s longtime squadmate. “He’s always running off to grab crowns alone. We tell him to wait for the rest of us, but he’s like a toddler when they see something shiny. He just can’t help himself. I just wish he was here now. It’s a lot easier to take on a full enemy squad when you have a full squad. Come back, Jay!”

Adams was last seen chasing crowns south of Classy Courts. A visual glitch on the mini-map has kept Adam’s squadmates from locating him. Some of those squadmates are now fearing the worst.

“Oh, he’s dead,” said John Zimmer, another longtime squadmate of Adam’s. “I’ve been watching for his name to pop up on the screen. I haven’t seen it yet, but all signs point to his demise. If he wasn’t dead he would have come right back and snatched every legendary and mythic gun like he always does. I used to hate when he did that, but now that he isn’t here I miss it.”

Attempts to contact Adams via voicechat have yielded no results, signifying either that his mic is broken or that he is no longer in the party chat. One of Adam’s squadmates holds out hope that he is still alive and well somewhere on the map.

“Jay is ok. He’ll come back just in time for the new season, I know it,” said Sean Tondeur-Jas, another of Adams’ squadmates said close to tears. “It’s Mad Max themed. I don’t get it, but Jay loves that old eighties stuff. He’s always running around as that Terminator guy and quoting these super old movies. He used to say, “I’ll be back,” all the time. I want to believe he will in fact be back.

There is a 10,000 V-Buck reward for anyone with information to the location or whereabouts of Adams. Anyone with information is asked to contact Adams’ squadmates in the comments below.

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