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Fisherman Shocked to Learn Other Pokémon Exist

ROUTE 205 — Fisherman Ivan was in for the surprise of his life this week when an unnamed Pokémon trainer whom he had made eye contact with and battled, possessed other Pokémon besides just Magikarp. 

“Holy shit, what is that thing?” remarked Fisherman Ivan when the trainer he was battling released a Bulbasaur. “There’s like, some ‘thing’ growing on its back, and it doesn’t even have fins, or gills. Oh my god, it’s whipping my poor Magikarps into submission, how is this even legal?”

After losing three of his six Magikarps in battle, Fisherman Ivan’s rival returned his Bulbasaur and released something even more shocking to Ivan.

“What is that—oh dear god,” said Fisherman Ivan upon witnessing the legendary Pokémon Deoxys. “It’s some monster from outer space, and it’s like, level 89. I honestly didn’t know they make it into the double digits! Man, this is just wrong. I know I pulled this guy into battle against his will, but cut me some slack for crying out loud.”

As the battle came to a decisive finish, the other fishermen on the bridge took note of the events.

“He really could have won out there if he switched it up,” said Fisherman Joseph. “Doesn’t he know other Pokémon exist? Ya know, like Goldeen?”

At press time, Fisherman Ivan had gone into a state of shock when one of his Magikarp evolved into a horrifying blue snake monster.