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Final Fantasy 13 Remaster Set to Feature Just One Hallway to Navigate

Upgraded hallway graphics, improved hallway NPCs, and enhanced hallway lighting effects.

In a bold move Square Enix has announced that the upcoming Final Fantasy 13 Remaster will expand on the linear gameplay that defined the original game by relegating the game’s setting to a single, unyielding hallway.

For years one of the defining elements of Final Fantasy 13 was the ability to explore expansive worlds filled with vast and unique hallways of all varieties, according to reports.

Fans of the 2010 release will fondly recall the beautifully rendered world of many hallways, tunnels, and corridors that guided our heroes through story beats with little room to explore. This time around, Square Enix is going even further, promising a single hallway experience.

According to lead designer Hikari Miyamoto, “We believe in preserving the essence of the original game. The concept of hallway gameplay is an integral part of Final Fantasy 13‘s identity, and we’ve distilled that experience into its purest, most essential form”

The remaster will reportedly feature upgraded hallway graphics, improved hallway NPCs, and enhanced hallway lighting effects. According to a press release, Square Enix aims to strike a balance between modernizing the game and preserving the distinctive hallway-centric gameplay that captivated players over a decade ago.

Miyamoto hinted at a few surprises awaiting players. “We’ve added some twists and turns to the hallway, along with a couple of extra doorways that lead to dead ends just to keep things interesting. It’s a subtle nod to the desire for more exploration while staying true to our vision.”

While some may have been hoping for an expanded world with more exploration opportunities, true fans will undoubtedly appreciate the unchanging corridor, eager to once again don the shoes of Lightning and company in an incredibly linear walk down memory lane.

Image via Tilting at Pixels.