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Final Boss Still Attacking You Even Though You Specifically Requested He Stop

THE WITHERED FOREST — Completely ignoring your demands that he desist, the titular final boss of the game Nu’urath: Cruncher of Bones is reportedly still attacking you, sources have confirmed.

“I don’t think they could have been much clearer,” said an onlooker, watching you roll away from Nu’urath’s Torment Axe while making affronted gestures. “It’s not really a fair fight, after all. That bone dude is way bigger.”

The programming team behind Nu’urath: Cruncher of Bones confirmed that they took the design decision to have Nu’urath attack the player even if they didn’t want him to.

“Nu’urath probably didn’t want you to kill his seven large children in the Land of Shades,” pointed out one developer, noting that your rucksack is currently full of flesh keepsakes from said large children.”It was really a core part of our philosophy that you sometimes have to overcome unwanted obstacles in order to earn true satisfaction. That’s why we set the cost of the DLC at £49.99.”

Professional community mediator Gabriel Rose has expressed that your conflict with Nu’urath provides an apt chance to have a discussion about boundaries.

“When one person wishes to resolve the conflict through calm discussion and the other refuses to meet them halfway, it’s really a tough bind,” he said. “It’s particularly hurtful if they only respond to your requests with the same three bone-related quotes.”

At press time, you were reportedly attempting to download a mod that would make Nu’urath more receptive to criticism.