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Fans Upset ‘The Last of Us Part II’ Leaks are Not Exclusive to PlayStation Owners

SANTA MONICA, Calif. — Fans of the series were shocked today when a plethora of The Last Of Us II footage was leaked to the general public, instead of being made available to only PlayStation owners.

“It’s horrible what the leaker did,” said fan DaddyJoe23 on Twitter. “Imagine investing so much time, money and effort into something like the PlayStation 4 and The Last of Us. The other fans and I deserve something for our loyalty, and honestly it sucks to have to share all of this footage with the Nintendo, Xbox and PC players who weren’t even going to play it anyway!”

“I bought my PS4 just so I could play The Last of Us II, when it turns out I could have just seen the ending online for free,” another user, NathanXCrash posted. “Does Naughty Dog not care about their customers at all?”

Sources have confirmed that the leaker has turned themself in to the police, out of fear the PlayStation fans would find them first.

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