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Everything Rockstar Has Confirmed About GTA 6

We all know Grand Theft Auto 6 is right around the corner, but what do we actually know about the game? Well, here’s everything that Rockstar has officially confirmed about the upcoming GTA.

The Auto Theft will in fact be Grand

Continuing the trend of the previous installments, the game’s auto theft would be classified by the state as grand

The campaign will be co-op or it won’t

Developers have revealed the game’s campaign mode will either be completely playable with friends or not


While the plot, graphics, gameplay, and setting remain a mystery, Rockstar was willing to leak that the traditional Spanish dish of a fried crust filled with meat and vegetables is confirmed in the game.


As is required for every new big release these days, the game will have a Fortnite Mode

You can’t play it unless you’re 65 years old

That’s how absolutely fucked up this game is

Uncle Rick would’ve loved it

Rockstar has intimated that your Uncle who got you into video games would have loved this third person action game if the doctors had caught that tumor sooner.

The online mode will “straight up suck balls”

Rockstar was weirdly upfront about this before the games release

The game will have a female protagonist

Rockstar decided to break down barriers and include a well-rounded woman character at the helm of its amazing campaign mode

The game will NOT have a female protagonist

Yikes, people were PISSED about that previous announcement

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