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Every New Attraction at Super Nintendo World

Universal Studios Hollywood has finally opened their incredible Super Nintendo World, letting attendees wander through dozens of lifelike recreations of their favorite Nintendo video games. Here are all the new attractions Super Nintendo World has to offer!

Koi Pond

Not Mario or Nintendo related, but still pretty cool

Wario’s Fat Greasy Italian Bastard Buffet

Fans are unsure how this weirdly offensive eatery got past Nintendo 

Splash Mountain

Hey, if Disney doesn’t want it, why shouldn’t they?

Framed Photo of Ludwig von Koopa

Though the static 8×10 picture of one of the Koopalings is rather underwhelming, the attraction still currently has a 45-minute line 

Live Feed of Shigeru Miyamoto’s Kitchen

Nintendo World patrons can watch and marvel at a livestream of the iconic Nintendo designer’s home kitchen and breakfast nook

Metroid Prime 4 Work Stations

Look through the glass window and you might catch a peek at a developer working on Metroid Prime 4!

Waluigi’s Hedonism Pavillion

Super Nintendo World offers an amazingly accurate recreation of the Mario villain’s depraved dungeon of pleasure and indulgence of the flesh

Change Machine

This amazing contraption lets park goers experience the magical feeling of inserting a dollar bill and receiving four quarters in return

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