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Elon Musk Attempts To Rename ‘Diablo’ on Stream, No One Listens

SAN FRANCISCO — During a recent livestream of the popular action role-playing game Diablo IV, Elon Musk made an unsuccessful attempt to get everyone to call it something else, sources have confirmed.

“Okay hear me out guys,” said Musk, the current owner of, um, “X” (formerly Twitter, and almost certainly Twitter again someday). “See how this game is filled with raging hellfire? What if we started calling all of the Diablo games Blaze? Wouldn’t that be so cool? I think Blaze is a much stronger name than Diablo. If you don’t believe me, ask my son Blaze Java Musk. Will you also ask him why he doesn’t talk to me anymore? Anyways, we’re calling this game Blaze now. It’s going to be so epic.”

Those tuning into the Musk’s livestream had a mixed reaction to his suggestion of calling the Diablo series of games, popular for decades, something else entirely on a whim of his.

“You can’t really do that, and you shouldn’t really do that,” said one viewer on Twitch. “I mean, you can personally call a thing whatever you want, but to think you can just change everyone’s mind about what to call something? That’s just a special kind of having your head up your own ass. I actually admire it in a way. But seriously, you can’t control what people want to call something. Ask your kid with the name like a Mega Man password what they call him when he starts going to school. You’ll see.”

Others, however, saw the rechristening as the latest work of astounding genius by Musk.

“Masterful grasp of the human language, as always sir,” said a different Twitch viewer, who’d lost his life savings and family over his insistence that NFT’s were the future. “’Blaze’ is a much stronger, more powerful name. Don’t let the majority of these viewers who are laughing at your every instinct discourage you. They’re just jealous of your willingness to fail in front of the entire world as often as you do. Bravo, my brave leader. Also, the word ‘Blaze’ reminds me of the Tesla I used to drive before, uh, something happened to it, so that’s extra cool!”

As of press time, the only people calling the game Blaze were doing it sarcastically.