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Wanna Feel Young? Elden Ring Is Only a Year Old

It’s tough growing up as a gamer. Each day you feel the past slip away, with your skin becoming spotted and wrinkled as the games you grew up with are nailed with adjectives like “classic” and “retro.” While we can’t stop mortality’s ever-tightening grip around us all, we can give you some good news: Elden Ring only came out in 2022!

That’s right! Elden Ring, a game you already have fond nostalgia for, is just one year old.

Yes, it feels like you were a different person back then, but it has actually only been a year and some change since you immediately put away Horizon Forbidden West and started exploring the Lands Between. Awesome!

Heck, even that moment where that kid walked on stage during Elden Ring’s Game of the Year victory and ruined Geoff Keighly’s whole show by saying some weird stuff was only a few months ago! Take solace knowing that, if you were a college student, then only one brisk semester separated that bizarre online event and the date you’re reading this. Also did we ever figure out if that kid was racist?

Give yourself a moment and just enjoy knowing that Elden Ring is still pretty new, even though the economy has tanked since it came out, and you lost your job, or maybe a friend died or something. Go and check some Vaati lore videos and see how recent the upload dates are! Pretty cool, right!?

So even though children these days are more likely to learn about Halo in history class than on the battlefield, it’s good to know that Elden Ring didn’t come out twenty years ago! Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic came out twenty years ago.

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