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OtterBox Ramps Up Production in Anticipation of Elden Ring Mobile Port

FORT COLLINS, Colo. — Protective cell phone accessory company OtterBox has announced that it is ramping up production of its phone cases in anticipation of the rumored mobile port of Elden Ring.

“As soon as we heard these reports we decided to immediately get to work on increasing production of our phone cases and screen protectors,” said OtterBox Vice President Jerry Saunders. “We want to make sure that we’ll be able to meet what will no doubt be insane demand for our products. No gamer should have to worry about their phone breaking after they slam it on the ground in frustration just because we were out of stock. We’re going to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

Saunders confirmed that OtterBox will include a special warranty for Elden Ring players.

“Our regular phone cases are the best in class and we’re confident they can handle whatever happens after the 10th death to Malenia. Whether you whip your phone at the wall, out the window, or hit it with a sledgehammer while playing, this case will protect your phone. Our cases are guaranteed to withstand as much gamer rage as possible, but we know Elden Ring brings out inhumane strength in many gamers’ fits of frustration. For that reason, we pledge that, should your OtterBox break while playing Elden Ring, we will provide a new one for free.”

Gamers are very excited by the news.

“I was really worried when I heard they were doing a mobile port of Elden Ring. My phone is really expensive and I just don’t trust my case to protect it from what I know I’ll do after a few deaths. My parents bought me new controllers after I broke those playing Elden Ring on console but I don’t think they’ll buy me a new phone so it’s great to hear that OtterBox has their finger on the pulse of what gamers need,” said Souls fan Martin Schrader.

At press time, OtterBox is reportedly working on designing the world’s first indestructible phone case specifically for Elden Ring players.