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EA Clarifies No Need to See Ads in Games if You Just Subscribe to Their Patreon

REDWOOD CALIFORNIA- After revealing on a financial call that EA is preparing to introduce advertisements in their games, EA CEO Andrew Wilson held a press conference to clarify their next gaming innovation.

“We are very excited to announce that Electronic Arts is now on Patreon. Gamers can now enjoy their favorite games ad free while being able to directly support their favorite executives behind those projects.”

Wilson went on to describe the different subscription tiers being offered.

“Subscriptions will range from the $10 Base Tier to the $100 Ultimate Tier. The Base Tier will include ad-free gaming. The $25 Deluxe tier includes the base tier perks and just enough free FIFA Ultimate Team packs to get you addicted. The $100 Ultimate Tier will include everything found in the lower tiers and as well as let you conduct the zoom meeting breaking the news to a beloved indie developer that their entire team is being laid off.”

After a brief statement the floor was opened for questions, where Wilson was asked why they decided to introduce the Patreon.

“Gamers want ad free experiences in their video games, we understand that. The Patreon seemed like the easiest way to provide that to them. We pride ourselves on being able to give our customers what they want, which is we plan to open a dialogue so Patrons can communicate to us what they want in games. They can provide valuable information that allows us to make great games. The Patreon allows us to ask, ‘What dormant franchise do you want us to bring back? What do you think of this Patreon exclusive cosmetic? What websites do you visit often? What products do you often buy? What is your age, gender and geographical location?’ All of that vital information will allow us to bring them the games they are looking for.”

When asked why they made the move to ads in the first place, Wilson explained the economics behind the move,

“Look times are tough right now, Amazon Prime Video just introduced ads to their shows. Do you really think Jeff Bezos would do that if he weren’t struggling financially? Us in the C-Suite have families too, secret second families even, and I’ll be dead in the ground before either of them have to swim in a pool without an infinity edge.”

When asked if the Patreon subscription would be included in the upcoming $150 “Hesiman Edition” of NCAA Football 25 Wilson quickly stated, “absolutely not.”

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