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DRAMA: Twitch Streamer Banned For a Week After Being Murdered On Stream

SAN DIEGO — Up and coming Twitch streamer Jimmy “JimPi” Piccoli has received a 7 day suspension from the livestreaming site following an incident where he was stabbed and killed during an IRL stream.

“I will learn from this experience and come back with better content than ever,” said Jimmy, posthumously, after receiving the news that he had been banned only two minutes after being fatally stabbed on a San Diego sidewalk. “I will be uploading my consciousness into a VTuber to continue streaming next week. I’m truly sorry to anyone I let down by being murdered.”

The attacker, 27-year-old Kyle Melarn, insists that the attack caught live on Twitch for a shocked 200 viewers was an honest mistake.

“I thought it was Jerma,” Melarn explained, “he would have thought it was a funny bit to get killed live on stream. I wonder why he doesn’t interact with his fans more.”

Twitch’s Trust and Safety team quickly released the following statement in the wake of Piccoli’s slaying. 

“After careful consideration, the content moderation team here at Twitch decided that we cannot risk another senseless act of violence being streamed on our website, and have decided to ban JimPi for 7 days to give them time to realign their content with what the core audience at Twitch would like to see.”

Per the streamer’s dying wish, in lieu of flowers, cash deposits can be made at Casino4Kidz™ (owner of a major Twitch competitor) using code JimPiBigBux.