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Weird West to Receive Wild, Wild DLC

PERTH, Australia — WolfEye Studios announced that its 2022 game Weird West will be receiving downloadable content centered on the 1998 Will Smith Vehicle Wild Wild West, sources have confirmed. 

“Fuck it man, everything is everything,” said Raphaël Colantonio, director of Weird West. “We had a lot of fun with supernatural and terrifying forces in the base game, but there was a certain flair that was missing. We think the Wild Wild Weird West DLC is going to be exciting for both fans of the game, and fans of the frankly underrated Will Smith/Selma Hayek film from the ’90s.” 

“I mean, it’s not the best movie,” he added. “But it’s kinda fun.” 

Fans of Weird West said it wasn’t a crossover they’d anticipated, but were eagerly anticipating it nonetheless. 

“I don’t even know if I saw the movie, but that song is fun, do they play the song?” asked Frank Booker, a gamer that enjoyed Weird West’s blend of action and role playing. “I’ll check it out to see if there’s the song, the giant metal spider, and/or Kevin Kline. Any of those things would make any video game better, obviously.” 

Despite being a small indie title, actor Will Smith joined the team to record some lines of dialogue.

“I really hope this DLC for Weird West is a huge hit, because I said no to a pretty big role in an upcoming Matrix video game to do it,” Smith said. “I’m guessing it will work out, though!”

As of press time, WolfEye Studios had also announced an expansion that focused on the politics of the era, titled The Weird West Wing

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