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Inscryption Fans Will Love This: A YouTuber Has Been Murdered

Calling all Inscryption fans! Your favorite indie deck-building game just had another installment, this time inexplicably crossing over into the real world. That’s right — while it may not be an official release from Devolver Digital, a new Inscryption-like property has occurred: a YouTuber has just been murdered!

Just like Luke “The Lucky Carder” Carder at the cryptic found-footage climax of the endlessly entertaining Inscryption plotline, an innocent YouTuber has been mysteriously killed in cold blood by an unknown assailant. For Inscryption fans, this is as good as it gets. While we wait idly by for a sequel or a spin-off, this ritualistic dismemberment of an online personality is the perfect thing to tide us over. 

For anyone looking to get into Inscryption, this is a great place to start. Research the case, check the autopsy reports, and if seeing the gruesome coroner’s report has you excited to learn more, we have just the game for you. Sure, after this news story, the ending of the game has been spoiled for you, but you will only appreciate the homicide detective’s current timeline after playing the amazing game it’s clearly based on. 

After completing the game, you’ll undoubtedly be hungry for more, so don’t be afraid to go back through the game, piece together oblique hints and easter eggs, or go out into the world and kill a YouTuber of your choosing! Or if you’re a true, dedicated fan, you can always trap them inside your remote cabin with puzzles and minigames to be solved around the room, only for them to meet their demise at your all-powerful hand anyway! 

So go forth, Inscryption crew, and let’s see that devotion to what GameSpot called “one of the most inventive indie games of the last five years” and the mayor called “one of the most brutal homicide’s this city has ever seen!”

Hey this is sponsored by Devolver Digital! If you want to fully experience the murder of this YouTuber, do yourself a favor and go play Inscryption. It’s just $20 on Steam right now.

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