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Indie Game ‘Terra Nil’ About Revitalizing Neglected Ecosystem Played in Most Disgusting Apartment You’ve Ever Seen

ST. LOUIS — Upon the release of Devolver Digital’s new ‘reverse city builder’ Terra Nil, players everywhere have enjoyed revitalizing neglected ecosystems — many of them from the most disgusting apartments known to man.

“I love the serene, satisfying feeling of slowly rebuilding this destroyed landscape and making it beautiful. I just wade through the heaps of dirty laundry on my floor, swat away the Milky Way wrappers blocking my monitor, and start up the game,” said Terra Nil player Jacob Mayhew. “It’s really fun to clean this desolate wasteland bit by bit, all curled-up and cozy in my bed-frameless mattress lying right on my filthy shag carpet.”

Other prospective players are reportedly unable to play the game due to their dirty lifestyle.

“I had to just wishlist the game because the city is making me clear out my bedroom that they call a ‘massive fire-hazard that will cause imminent death,’” said Steam user Brian Phillipson. “I’m a simple guy; I love playing these cute, soothing games about cleaning things up, as long as it’s completely fictional and the cleaning provides me no actual benefit to my life or organization.”

“I may be surrounded by garbage,” the hoarder continued, “but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy over 100 hours logged in Unpacking.”

The game’s developers elaborated on what inspired the game’s basic gameplay loop.

“I went over to another game dev’s loft to brainstorm some new ideas, and before we could even start, he had to meticulously clean his entire room for both of us to even be able to sit down,” said creative director Evan Greenwood. “Watching him clear up his repulsive home gave me this weird calming feeling, as I saw him have to ration the little cleaning supplies and clean towels that he had to get the entire job done. I realized that would be the perfect feeling for a strategy indie game.”

At press time, sources reported that several Terra Nil players were struggling to boot up the game after being unable to find the application in their ruinously cluttered desktop page.

This article is sponsored by Devolver Digital. Yes, you should clean your room a little bit. BUT, once you do that, you can REWARD YOURSELF by grabbing Terra Nil on Steam and playing a whole bunch of that game. It’s fun!

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