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Indie Dev Glances Around Room to Find Household Object to Turn Into Gun

PORTLAND — Inspired by upcoming Devolver Digital and Doinksoft game Gunbrella, an indie developer has reportedly glanced around his room to find an object of his own to turn into a gun for a pixel-art video game.

“Once I saw the trailer for the new Devolver game Gunbrella, I was like, whoa. Can this be a genre? How can I turn something into a gun that isn’t a gun? That’s when I came up with the idea for Gunlamp,” explained solo developer Kit Delaney. “I was so tired of playing boring, cliché concepts like a shovel being a sword, so it’s nice to work on something so original like a lamp being a gun. And the ideas really write themselves. There’s probably some lightbulb mechanic or something that will be prominent in all the trailers. I’m excited for Gunlamp’s deep, philosophical premise of ‘What if a lamp was a gun?’ and I think players will appreciate it too. Thank you, Devolver, for opening up the genre for developers like me!”

A representative from Doinksoft commented on Delaney’s use of Gunbrella to make his own unique game.

“It’s weird to see someone basically make the exact same game as us with a different household object, but I guess I can’t blame them. We also looked around the room for an object to turn into a gun. We just did it first,” said Doinksoft. “That being said, I think Gunbrella and Gunlamp will ultimately be very different because they are different objects. Personally, I’ve always felt a sense of incredible rage and violence while holding an umbrella, and I never knew why until we began work on our game. Because in Gunbrella, sure you’re holding a boring old umbrella. But it’s also a gun. As for Gunlamp… well, I’ve never held a lamp, I don’t think. That’s all I have to say about that.”

At press time, Delaney was reportedly kicking himself for not picking something more gun-shaped for his game like a mop or one of those tubes movie posters come in.

This article is sponsored by Devolver Digital. That’s right: all of your worst fears about video game reviews being paid for are accurate. The world is crumbling around you. There’s no hope for the video game journalism industry anymore… except… is that a light? Yes… yes! You can wash away your fears and misery by blasting bad guys with household objects in the badass world of Gunbrella! Have fun, gamers!

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