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Hey, We Finally Played Gris and Need to Redo Our Top 10 Games of 2018

As a gaming publication, we generally take the month of December off and spend these last few weeks of the year repurposing all of our video game opinions from the last 12 months. However, in an effort to procrastinate on even this most easiest of duties, I found myself exploring my ever growing backlog, and do you know what I discovered? 2018’s Gris is good. I mean really good! I didn’t try it back then because, well, there’s just so many games that come out in a given year, and also, and please don’t laugh, but I thought the game was called Grits for a long time and didn’t play it because I though it was some game about grits. Oops! 

After discovering this four year old gem, I realized there was no way our ‘Best of 2018’ list was anywhere near accurate at its time of publication. Truthfully, we rushed that thing out in late November and I don’t know if we had played half the games on it. We’re trying to do better these days, and as one of two remaining video game websites in the world, I vow to refrain from publishing anything inaccurate in the upcoming year. 

With that, please check out our newly revised Best Games of 2018 list! 

10. Forza Horizon 5 – I think this is the one that came out that year. Whichever one it was, I bet you it had great graphics and neat cars. You can count on that. 

9. Return of the Obra Dinn – Okay, I still haven’t played this, but it’s a great premise and it really got a lot of praise. I’m sure I would like it. My brother told me it was really good. I even have it on my Switch, I think. I just have to technically play it still is all.

8. Donut Country – I don’t recall this one all the way, but I do remember the main character very vividly: a goose that you’d control and just kind of go fuck with everyone in town. Hilarious little indie game! 

7. Whichever Call of Duty it was – I make fun of these games but play them every year, if we’re being honest. 

6. Gris – The reason we’re here today. Really good shit. No excuse if you haven’t checked this one out yet. Gris rules. 

5. Assassin’s Creed: The Greek One This series has definitely had its ups and downs, but The Greek One stands out to this day as one of the half dozen entries that really brought something new to the franchise. 

4. Fortnite – You can always just throw Fortnite on these things!

3. Marvel’s Spider-Man – I can’t remember exactly when this first came out, but there’s been some version of it every year for a while now so I bet we’re good to have it on here. 

2. Red Dead Redemption 2 – Years removed from the controversy that embroiled its development and release, RDR2 easily stands as the best game Rockstar Games has released in years.

1. God of War – Okay, so I may have revealed myself to be a little behind when it comes to the current landscape of video games, but rest assured I know enough to realize that this was the best game of 2018, hands down. No contest. They should do a sequel! 

There you have it, our revised top ten games of 2018. I think we can pretty much lock this in now, at least until I can finally afford Captain Toad’s Treasure Tracker. That fucker never goes on sale. 

Hey, this is obviously sponsored by Devolver Digital. If you wanna check out Gris for yourself (it’s not called Grits), you can grab it on Steam for less than $20. Indie games, eh? That’s less than a third of a Pokémon. Less than a sixth if you buy both editions of those things!