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HBO Announces Loop Hero Show That Will Be 400 Episodes Long

LOS ANGELES Following the success of The Last of Us, HBO has announced its newest video game adaptation, a 400-episode season of Loop Hero.

“We’re excited to bring more faithful video game adaptations to our network,” said Casey Bloys, chairman and CEO of HBO Max. “And we’re really excited about bringing you a surprisingly engaging show that features nothing but a hero walking in the same circle repeatedly with minor changes along the way. Infinite variations on the same loop. It’s really not that different from how they used to make sitcoms when you think about it.” 

The game features a hero character walking in a circular loop and allows players to dictate where and when different terrain and enemies are encountered, granting more experience and skills with each successive lap they complete. Production on the show is already underway. 

“This thing’s really coming together,” said showrunner and co-creator Jonathan Nolan, who previously brought Westworld to HBO. “We got Adam Driver as the hero, and we only had to build the one set, so we’re going to bring these 400 episodes in way under budget, which gives us hope that we can start talking about a second season in a couple years when season one is all done airing. If you think episode three of The Last of Us was special, wait ‘til you see episode 292 of Loop Hero. Mark my words.” 

Fans of the game are intrigued since hearing about the upcoming series. 

“Wow, that sounds, uh, interesting,” said Halle Berman, a local gamer. “I mean, I loved the game, and I like a lot of the stuff HBO puts out, but it seems like a weird fit. Plus, and I don’t mean to be an ungrateful fan here, but 400 episodes feels like kind of a lot. I’m just not sure I can make that kind of commitment right now. I like a show you can knock out over the weekend once it’s done, not one that would take two and a half weeks of continuous watching!” 

“Although realistically if it’s anything like the game, I’ll sit down to check out one episode and end up watching the next 80 or 90 before I even realize it.” 

As of press time, HBO announced that the debut season of Loop Hero will air on Wednesday nights from this Fall until 2032, beginning with a two-episode premiere event on October 18th.

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